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Marketh's Courtyard

This will be your base of operations for the foreseeable future. In this area, you'll fight red myconids, shriekers, salamanders, bone skeletons, and even a blind minotaur or two. Remember to be sure and kill the shriekers as quickly as possible, as the other monsters seem to respawn while they're alive.

Monsters: Blind Minotaur, Boneguard Skeleton, Fire Salamander, Red Myconid, Shrieker, Svirfneblin.

Areas of Interest

  1. Callard After killing all the monsters, speak with Callard (1553, 894), a gnome who will be standing next to the statue of Marketh in the middle of the map. Ask who he is and what he's doing, then ask how he manages to sculpt the image of Marketh in such fine detail. He'll give you a portrait of Marketh. If you have a bard in your party, have him hold on to the portrait. You can get Flozem to defect with it and gain 60,000 XP. You will notice five doors in this area.

  2. Exit The western door leads to the artisan district and Malavon.

  3. Exit The northwest door leads to Marketh and the first level of the palace. Take the door to Marketh first; it's relatively easy to get his badge, and the experience gained will help you as you proceed to the tougher battles.

  4. Exit The northern door leads to the broken temple and Brother Perdiem.

  5. Exit The door at the end of the passage heading east leads back to the first forge area where you met Guello.

  6. Exit This door will take you back to the Lower Dorn's Deep main area.

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