Icewind Dale | Walkthrough | Dragon's Eye, Level Four
Dragon's Eye, Level Four

The action is very intense in this area. You will fight lizard men, trolls, yuan-ti, and Eldathyn priests. The sheer number of monsters, coupled with the difficulty of planning a precise attack, makes this one of the more difficult areas of the game. There are several ways to trigger the battle sequence; we will discuss them in our detail of Albion, "Exalted Keeper" of the temple, who is waiting for you a few steps northeast from the entrance. If you wish to have options when exploring this area, there are two things you must remember. First, do not allow a paladin to speak with Albion. Paladins can sense evil, and will identify Albion as a fraud right away, and then the battle is on. Second, do not force or pick any of the doors, as doing so will trigger the battle. There is one exception to this rule, which we will discuss in our details of Albion and Geelo the Librarian.

Monsters: Eldathyn Priest, Eldathyn Priestess, Lizard Man, Tough Lizard Man, Troll, Yuan-ti, Yuan-ti Elite, Yuan-ti Priest.

Areas of Interest

  1. Albion Upon entrance to level four, you will find yourself in a large, circular room. Walk to the northern side of the room and you will find Albion (855, 1505), who will be standing in front of a large door. There are several ways you can deal with him:

    Option 1: If your intelligence is high enough, you can expose Albion as the cultist he is by speaking with him repeatedly and asking about the Heartstone Gem. Expose him as a fraud and the battle begins.

    Option 2: Speak with him, accept what he has to say without pressing him about the Heartstone Gem, and then explore the areas available to you (areas that do not require that you force or pick any locks). This is perhaps the best option, as it will enable you to speak with Geelo the Librarian and Sharra the Healer, while also allowing you to light up part of the map. Geelo can sell you spells, while Sharra can heal you or allow you to rest. Perhaps most importantly, this option enables you to choose from the battle scenarios below:

    Scenario 1: There are two trigger areas that affect your dialogue with Albion. One is an ornate carpet, which you can find by going through the main door, taking the first right, and then taking the first passage that leads south. At the end of the passage you will see a carpet (1362, 2154) and as you walk over it, a description will appear. The second trigger is in the room with Geelo the Librarian. Once inside, If you tell Geelo that Albion needs to speak to him, he'll leave the room, allowing you to force a door in this room that leads to another room with two bookshelves. Click on the left bookshelf (571, 959) to see some book titles that expose the priests as frauds. Once you've done either of these things, you can talk to Albion, mention them, and the fight will begin. You will gain 24,000 XP for exposing the cultists.

    Scenario 2: Explore the area, talk to Sharra and Geelo, and trigger the battle whenever you're ready by forcing one of the doors. If you choose this option, walk straight ahead from the main door until you hit a wall. Follow the wall as it winds around to the left. As you proceed, you will see that the wall is part of a large, semi-circular room. Force/pick the lock to this door (1654, 538) and you will encounter a group of prisoners who will help you fight the battles in this level. They are excellent fighters, and will take a lot of the pressure off of you as you fight your way through the area. The advantage to this method is that the fighters will be by your side as the fight begins, thus offering protection. Also, this area is near the more important areas in the level. No matter how you choose to deal with Albion, be sure to search his body after the battle begins. He has Albion's Key that you need to get to the next level.

  2. Geelo the Librarian Tell Geelo (903, 1182) that Albion needs to speak with him and he'll leave the room, allowing you to force a door leading to another room of the "library." Inside, you will find two bookshelves. Click the one on the left and note the titles of the books, as they seem to cast some doubt on the Eldathyns' true nature. If you mention these books to Albion, the fight will begin. Talk to Geelo again and ask him about magic texts, and you will have the option of buying scrolls, including Lightning Bolt, Blur, Flame Arrow, and Monster Summoning I. Once you initiate the battle sequence, be sure to search Geelo's body. You'll find Bracers AC 6 and two Potions of Invisibility.

  3. Sharra the Healer Sharra (1722, 1325) can heal you or allow you to rest, which may come in handy if you are injured or tired from the previous level. You need to be at full strength before the battle begins on this level.

  4. Prisoners Enter the door (1654, 538) to this room and you'll find the prisoners: Iholikan Quinzal (1785, 652), Marchon of Waterdeep (1700, 645), Cristiana Knight (1581, 676), and Reise Coppersky (1717, 710). They are excellent fighters, and provide valuable protection if you force this door to trigger the battle, as they are right by your side when the fight begins. If you lose contact with them during the battle, search for them in the room containing Sharra the Healer. Once the battle is over, you can do one of two things: ask them to watch over you as you rest, or kill them. If you kill them, you will find some decent items on their bodies. Iholikan Quinzal: Chainmail +1, 15 Fire Arrows, 14 Arrows +2, Long Sword +1 (2-9 damage, +1 THACO), Long Bow. Marchon of Waterdeep: Platemail, Large Shield, Flaming Long Sword +2 (3-10 damage, 1-3 Fire Damage, +2 THACO, + 10% fire resistance). Cristiana Knight: Plate Armor, Medium Shield, Potion of Extra Healing, Morning Star +1 (3-9 damage, +1 THACO). Reise Coppersky: Mage Dagger +2 (3-6 damage, +2 THACO, +1 1st level spell, +1 2nd level spell).

  5. High Ritualist There are several entrances to this room, but if you want to have the prisoners help you in this area, which is advisable, enter through the door in the northwest section of the room; this door is located just right of the door you entered to find the prisoners. Once inside, you'll meet the High Ritualist (2283, 746), who is about to dine on some of the ever-tasty citizens of Kuldahar. Kill him and his minions, then make your way to the High Summoner. You have to kill him to get the monsters to stop respawning, which will give you time to search for treasure.

  6. High Summoner In this small room, find the High Summoner (3070, 1928) and kill him so he can't summon any more monsters. This will enable you to search for treasure without worrying about fighting.

  7. Treasure Geelo the librarian has some treasure hidden in his library. Inside the shelf on the right (646, 951), we found a Flame Arrow scroll, Monster Summoning I scroll, Potion of Mind Focusing, Potion of Perception, and a Book.

  8. Treasure On the statue (2425, 462), you will find a Potion of Hill Giant Strength, and three Oils of Serpent's Scales (+2 to AC for 6 rounds).

  9. Treasure The statue (3332, 853) has an Oil of Fiery Burning, a Cursed Antidote, and a Blur Deck (casts Blur on user for 1-12 rounds).

  10. Treasure The sack (2850, 1026) is located along the western wall of this room and contains a Potion of Strength and a Potion of Stone Giant Strength.

  11. Treasure This large container (2637, 802) holds the best treasure a Potion of Mind Focusing, Berserker Darts (1-3, +2 THACO, 10% chance of going berserk), a Potion of Stone Form, Shadowed Studded Leather +2 (+20% to stealth, +15% resistance to piercing and slashing weapons), and "Peacekeeper," a magic club (4-9 damage, +3 THACO).

  12. Exit The exit to level five requires the key from Albion's body.

  13. Exit This exit takes you back to level three.

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