Icewind Dale | Heart of Winter Walkthrough
Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter Walkthrough

This walkthrough was prepared by MageDragon, Iago, and Silverdawn, and we hope you find it useful. It describes the areas of interest using annotated maps.

Once your party has reached at least level 9, proceed to Kuldahar (AR 2100) and enter the previously locked door to begin Heart of Winter. The door is located just southwest of Brother Ferg and the Temple of Ilmater. Once inside (AR 2109), you will find Hjollder (275, 142), elder and shaman to the Tribe of the Bear. He will mention that dark clouds of war gather over his homeland, and that a king both young and old, Wylfdene, has returned from the grave to lead his people in the conflict to come. Naturally, only you can prevent the cataclysmic war from happening. Thus, agree to accompany him, and you will be whisked away to Lonelywood after viewing the introductory cinematic to Heart of Winter.

Note: to make full use of the walkthrough, you should proceed chronologically, as later entries sometimes depend on what has come before. Dialogues, for example, often vary according to what has already been done and to whom you have spoken. Also, if you are averse to using strategy to win battles, you may want to wait until you are beyond level 9 to begin, as a level 9 party will be unable to just plow through the expansion. The treasure listed is what we found. As some items are random, what you find may differ.

Coordinates are provided where appropriate in X, Y format eg. (1024, 345). To find out where your cursor is on the screen, the default key is "X". Gold and jewelry are omitted in treasure descriptions unless they are quest-related. Keep in mind that treasure is largely randomized, so although we will mention treasure found, what your party finds will likely vary, depending on the location and circumstances. Some items will always be the same, but items found after battle will usually differ from game to game.

With Heart of Winter came the use of a new keyboard command to help you find things. Press and hold down the ALT key and items, doors and containers will now be highlighted. Very nice feature.

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