Icewind Dale | Walkthrough | Severed Hand, Labelas Tower
Severed Hand, Labelas Tower
(AR5101, AR5502, AR5104, AR5102, AR5103)

You can see the first level (AR5101) of this tower by taking the western exit from the main area. Upon entry, you'll see Larrel's Sending. He congratulates himself for blowing up that level, then disappears. To access the remainder of the tower, you'll need to go back to level three of Sheverash Tower and take the passage (not the stairs) leading west.

Access the outside bridge (AR5502) by taking the passage west from level three of Sheverash Tower. Just keep walking west, killing the shadowed cleric, mage, archers and swordsmen along the way. Once across, you will be on level two (AR5104). From there, proceed to levels three (AR5102) and four (AR5103), where you will meet Larrel and Gelarith.

Monsters: Custhanatos, Gelarith, Larrel, Shadowed Elven Archer, Shadowed Elven Cleric, Shadowed Elven Swordsman, Shadowed Elven Wizard.

Areas of Interest

  1. Exit This exit takes you back to the Severed Hand level four.

  2. Exit Take this exit to level two of this tower.

  3. Exit This passage goes to the third level of the Sheverash Tower.

  4. Treasure A door will open as you enter. Walk through it and kill the shadowed mage, clerics, and swordsmen. In the second room on a table (198, 457) was an Improved Invisibility scroll, a Greater Malison scroll, and a Potion of Genius.

  5. Treasure In this room, we found another table (323, 325), containing the Diary of Evayne (Larrel's daughter), a Potion of Clarity, and a Dagger +2 (3-6 damage, +2 THACO). Give the diary to Larrel when you meet him (which will happen shortly).

  6. Treasure On the table (963, 461) is a scroll of Protection from Normal Missles, a Potion of Invisibility, and a Potion of Heroism.

  7. Exit This exit (takes you back to the bridge to Sheverash Tower level three.

  8. Exit This exit leads up to level three.

  9. Custhantos Custhantos (444, 555) the librarian has various tomes for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to hang on to the one about mythals, so you can give it to Orrick the Gray once you return to Kuldahar. Orrick (358, 188, AR2102) gave us the Elfbone Ring of Kiran-Hai and 24,000 XP in exchange for the book (+2 to saves vs. paralyze, poison, and death magic, plus immunity to Finger of Death and Death spells). Once you have the book of Mythal Theory, proceed to level four.

  10. Exit This exit takes you back down to level two.

  11. Exit This exit takes you up to level four.

  12. Gelarith You'll have to speak to Gelarith (507, 402) first, as Larrel will do nothing but rant until the Astrolabe is fixed. Give Gelarith all the components to the Astrolabe, then speak to him again and he'll tell you that it's working. You will receive 24,000 XP for restoring each of the first two pieces and 35,000 XP for restoring each of the later pieces of the Astrolabe.

  13. Larrel Once that is accomplished, speak to Larrel (498, 526). He can tell you more about the Hand and the tragedy that befell it, and can also transport you to Kuldahar or Dorn's Deep once you let him use the Heartstone Gem. Give him the diary for 56,000 XP. Despite its contents, he still refuses to forgive the dwarves for their "betrayal." Perhaps you can further enlighten him after exploring Dorn's Deep. If you need to restock or sell things, have Larrel send you to Kuldahar. While you're there you can give Orrick the Gray his book about Mythals. Once finished, you're ready to begin Chapter 4 and Dorn's Deep, which you can now access from the world map.

  14. Exit This exit takes you back down to level three.

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