Icewind Dale | Walkthrough | Dragon's Eye, Level Two
Dragon's Eye, Level Two

The second level of Dragon's Eye is populated with trolls, spiders, lizard men, bombardier beetles, as well as a few Talonite priests and priestesses. This level is largely combat-oriented, but there are a few places of interest that you should be sure to investigate.

Monsters: Bombardier Beetle, Boring Beetle, Lizard Man Shaman, Mother Eugenia, Phase Spider, Sword Spider, Talonite Priest, Talonite Priestess, Tough Lizard Man, Troll, Wraith Spider.

Areas of Interest

  1. Dead Body If you walk east from the entrance, hugging the northernmost wall, you will find yourself in a passage that winds from the northern edge of the map down along the eastern edge of the map. You will encounter quite a few bombardier beetles--we killed about twenty--so be prepared for a fight, and remember that the acidic vapor they release can hold your party members if you fail your saving throws. If you walk slowly, you should only encounter a few at a time, which shouldn't be too difficult to handle. At the end of the passage you will find a dead body (3539, 1287) that has some very nice magic items: Long Sword of Confusion (3-10 damage, +2 THACO, 25% chance to confuse target) and a Battle Axe +2 "Defender" (3-10 damage, +2 THACO, +2 AC, 10% missile resistance).

  2. Exit You will find the exit (2925, 2122) to level three in a rocky outcropping located right in the center of the southeastern room. You'll have to fight bombardier beetles, trolls, and sword spiders to get there. Don't exit level two until you've fully explored the map.

  3. Sheemish In the back of the cavern, which dead-ends, you will find Sheemish (951, 1330), the son of Conlan the Blacksmith. Tell him he can leave and you'll gain 24,000 XP for freeing him. If you haven't yet cleared the area between him and the exit, you may not get the dialogue option to free him. If that is the case, just clear the area and speak with Sheemish again to free him. Remember to speak with Sheemish back in Kuldahar where he'll be waiting in the back room of the smithy (190, 177, AR2103). He'll thank you, and will give you the key to Conlan's chest (368, 106), which contains Conlan's Hammer, "Anvil's Twin" (3-6 damage, +4 THACO and damage vs. iron golems, able to hit any creature that requires a magic weapon to hit (+1)).

  4. Mother Eugenia The southwest room is filled with trolls and Talonite priests/priestesses. Enter and proceed slowly to the eastern half of the room. Kill the enemy inhabitants, then speak with Mother Eugenia (1230, 1960) to gain 36,000 XP for freeing her and the villagers. This is the only sort of quest on this level. She can also heal your party and watch over you as you rest. There are villagers southeast of Mother Eugenia, but speaking with them yielded no reward.

  5. Exit This takes you back to level one.

    Once you've explored the map, you may either exit to level three or return to Kuldahar. Combat greatly intensifies in level three, so if you are not equipped and well-rested, return to Kuldahar, speak with Sheemish to get Conlan's hammer, rest and restock before continuing.

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