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Patches, Script Compiler, Chat Logs and Walkthroughs

Below you can find patches for Icewind Dale and Heart of Winter, the Script Compiler, chat logs and text FAQs.
Note: Owners of Icewind Dale Ultimate Collection DO NOT need any of the patches listed. Ultimate Collection has the patches applied.

Heart of Winter Patch, v. 1.41

The Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter Patch, version 1.41, is available, and the readme.txt file lists the bugs that were fixed. Only an English version is currently available.

Note: Heart of Winter owners that have Trials of the Luremaster installed DO NOT need the Heart of Winter patch below. Trials of the Luremaster is the final patch.
  • English - 4.7 MB (released 4/13/00)
  • German - 6.0 MB (released 5/7/00)
  • Italian - 5.9 MB (released 5/7/00)
  • French - 5.9 MB (released 5/7/00)
  • Spanish - 5.9 MB (released 5/7/00)

Icewind Dale Patch, v. 1.06

The Icewind Dale Patch, version 1.06, is available, and the readme.txt file lists the bugs that were fixed. It is available in several language versions:
  • English - 3.2 MB (released 7/30/00)
  • German - 3.2 MB (released 8/17/00)
  • French - 3.2 MB (released 8/17/00)
  • Spanish - 3.2 MB (released 8/17/00)
A special patch (6.0 MB) has been released for UK version due to a CD duplication error as explained by Darren Monahan, Associate Producer. (released 9/27/00)
Some of our UK customers have reported problems entering Lower Dorn's using the UK version of Icewind Dale. We have discovered that a later batch of CD 2's had a duplication error that caused the area data for the entrance to Lower Dorns to be corrupt, causing Icewind Dale to crash. We have made this patch available for customers who are having this problem.

NOTE: This only applied to the UK version of Icewind Dale for those customers having trouble entering Lower Dorns Deep. Customers of the US or other versions do not need this patch, and this patch does not add anything new or changed to the game.

Thank you and we apologize for the distribution problem. Please contact Virgin customer service to return your disc, or for further customer support via:

Technical Support : 0207 551 4266
Fax : 0207 551 4267
Internet : [email protected]
Icewind Dale Script Compiler

You have the ability to create your own scripts to control the behaviour of your character. Once you write them, they must be compiled using the Script Compiler (397 kB) before they can be used. A Word document (120 kB) has been released describing the scripting language. (released 8/7/00)

Chat Logs

The following are logs of the various official Icewind Dale chats: Walkthrough FAQ

Dan Simpson has created a Icewind Dale FAQ, v. 1.5 (195 kB) that will get you through the game. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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