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Inner Keep

The Inner Keep is full of monsters and full of treasure. Make sure you explore every room, for most contain treasure chests. Your goal is to head north and kill the Lizardman King. There are two major campsites that contain treasure. We have noted these on the map below. Kill everything, plunder everything and Recall as needed to shop and rest. Remember to Recall back to Sleyvas before entering the Rotting Bog.

Monsters: Kobold, Kobold Shaman, Kobold Spearman, Lizardman, Lizardman Lobber, Lizardman Shaman, Lizardman Spearman, Umber Hulk

  1. Starting Point: This is where you start the Inner Keep and has the entrance back to Outer Keep. Head north killing and plundering until you reach the Lizardman King.

  2. Save Pedestals: These are the Save Pedestals. Use them often and with multiple slots in case of disaster.

  3. Kobold Camp: This is a small camp of Kobolds. Kill all of them and plunder the chests against the west wall.

  4. Lizardman Camp: This here my friend is pay dirt thanks to the Lizardman King. This area is just busting at the seams with chests, containers and weapon racks to pillage. Kill all the reptilian freaks of nature and loot, loot, loot.

  5. Lizardman King: Here you find the Lizardman King that Sleyvas wanted you to kill. This is tough cookie. He hits you so hard, your character flies back yards from where you were standing. On top of that he is resistant to magic. Spells do only half damage, so ranged weapons are the key to killing this beast. Once he is dead, use a Recall Potion back to Sleyvas. He has much needed information about what to do next in the Rotting Bog and the Sinking Temple. After you have done your shopping, resting, saving and talking with Sleyvas, return here and enter the Rotting Bog.

  6. Entrance to the Rotting Bog: This takes you to the Rotting Bog to fight even more Swamp Zombies and big bad Bulettes.

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