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The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is a bonus level the designers put in for you to have some extra fun with. You play as the famous Drow Elf, Drizzt Do'Urden. To access this bonus level, you must complete the game and let the credits roll. When the credits are finished, start a new game and a new selection will appear: "The Gauntlet." Select it and away you go. Play The Gauntlet without saving your game and a new difficulty level is presented called extreme. Play through the game again in extreme mode and you may then import Drizzt into any game. Sound simple? It's not. Below we list what is in each room to help you prepare for the fast and furious battles ahead. You have 15 minutes to complete The Gauntlet. Good luck.

Monsters: Drow Archer, Drow Guard, Gargoyles, Huge Spider, Giant Spider, Gnoll, Gnoll Captain, Kobold, Kobold Spearman, Kobold Shaman, Steel Golem, Umber Hulk

  1. Room One: You start The Gauntlet. There are no monsters to fight and three chests to loot.

  2. Room Two: You to fight huge spiders. There is one chest to loot.

  3. Room Three: You fight kobolds, kobold spearmen and kobold shamen. There are three chests to loot.

  4. Room Four: You fight umber hulks. There are four chests to loot.

  5. Room Five: You fight huge spiders and giant spiders. There are four chests to loot.

  6. Room Six: You fight gnolls, gnoll captains and kobold shamen. There are three chests to loot.

  7. Room Seven: You fight gnolls and gnoll captains. There are three chests to loot.

  8. Room Eight: You fight gargoyles. There are six chests to loot.

  9. Room Nine: You fight drow archers, drow guards, huge spiders and a steel golem. There are five chests to loot.

  10. Exit: After all are dead and looting is done, enter the exit. It will save a game called The Gauntlet and unlock the extreme difficulty mode. Play a game through on extreme and you will be able import Drizzt into any game.

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