Planescape: Torment | Walkthrough | Southeast Maze
Southeast Hive

Fell's Tattoo Parlour, the Smoldering Corpse Bar and the Tenement of Thugs can all be found in the Southeast Hive.

Points of Interest

  • The Damsel in Distress will tell you of how here sister was attacked. If you don't believe her you will get 500 XP and some thugs will attack you in the alley. Alternatively, you can believe her and she will take you to the alley where you will be attacked by the thugs.
  • Talk with Barking-Wilder about your journal for 1,000 XP.
  • Study the Drunken Harlot's thieving skills for 1,250 XP.
  • Talk with Mourns-for-Trees and ask him what he wants. He will tell you that the trees will survive if people believe they will. Tell him he is right for 500 XP. Tell your party members to believe too, then ask him how the trees are for 500 XP.
  • [Fell's Tattoo Parlor] You can buy tattoos from Fell.
  • [Fell's Tattoo Parlor] Return to Fell with your dismembered arm. He will tell you about the tattoos, and you will now be able to buy them.
  • [Smoldering Corpse Bar] You will find Dak'kon and Ignus here.
  • [Smoldering Corpse Bar] Barkis will sell you your eye for 500 cp, but you can bargin him down to 300 cp. You will take alot of damage but will gain 1,000 XP and +1 proficiency point.
  • [Smoldering Corpse Bar] Ask Candrian about his trip to the Negative Material Plane to receive a Negative Token.
  • [Smoldering Corpse Bar] Talk to O for +1 wisdom.
  • [Smoldering Corpse Bar] Explain the concept of planes to Alais for 250 XP.
  • [Tenement of Thugs] You will need Annah before you can enter here.
  • [Tenement of Thugs] Pick up the prybar.
  • [Tenement of Thugs] You will have to go to the third floor and get the key off of the mage.
  • [Tenement of Thugs] There is a Bone Dagger and some charms lying about.
  • [Tenement of Thugs] The exit will take you to the Alley of Lingering Sighs.

  • [Smoldering Corpse Bar] Talk to Barkis about the patrons and he will ask you to get Mochai to pay her tab. Talk to her and give her the money to pay her tab, or poison her with embalming fluid. Return to Barkis for 1,000 XP and free drinks.
  • [Tenement of Thugs] Sybil will tell you about a secret door in a small room next to the one with all the thugs. Find the door and sneak out of the building. Sybil will reward you 1,000 XP and an Adder's Kiss Charm.
Southeast Hive

NPCs/Points of Interest
  1. Mourns-For-Trees
  2. Damsel in Distress
  3. Barking-Wilder
  4. Amarysse
  5. Jhelai
  6. Drunk Harlot
  7. Starved Dog Barking Thugs
  8. To Northeast Hive
  9. To Southwest Hive
NPCs/Points of Interest
  1. Dak'kon
  2. Ignus
  3. Drusilla
  4. Barkis
  5. Mochai
  6. 0
  7. Ilquix
  8. Aethelgrin
  9. Tegari'in
  10. Ebb Creakkness
  11. Candrian
  12. Alias
  13. Ku'atraa
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