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Making of Planescape: Torment

A large team of designers, artists and programmers spent two years developing Planescape: Torment. For over six months, they provided daily updates which often included interesting notes about the development process. Below are the team members as well as a list highlighting some of the more pertinent articles.

Tormented Group Photograph

Can we sleep now?

Up Front: Derek Johnson (Artist).
1st Row (l to r): Dennis Presnell (Artist), Scott Everts (Artist), Tim Donley (Lead Artist), Jason Suinn (Technical Designer), Chris Avellone (Lead Designer), Ken Lee (Project Director), Feargus Urquhart (BIS Director), Colin McComb (Designer/Writer).
2nd Row: Yuki Furumi (Programmer, back a bit), Jake Devore (Scriptor), Adam Heine (Scriptor), Scott Warner (Designer), Kris Giampa, Damien Evans, Brian Menze (Artist), Dan Spitzley (Lead Programmer).
Back Row: Kihan Pak, Fred Hatch (Voice overs and Localizations), John Deily (Designer), Dave Hendee (Technical Designer), Dave Maldanado (Designer), Rob Holloway (Programmer), Eric Campanella (Artist), Jim Gardner (Programmer).

Not shown: Chris Jones (Artist), Aaron Meyers (Artist), Nick Kesting (Scriptor), Charles Deenen (Audio Director), Greg "Big Tuna" Peterson (Marketing Head), Greg Bauman (Marketing), Chris Border (Voice overs), Gloria (Sound), Ann Scibelli (Monster Sounds), Dave Farmer (Spell Sounds), Al Nelson (Sound), Shannon Miller (Sound), Guido Henkel (initial Project Director).


The daily updates by the Torment team are archived at the Mortuary. The list below points out those that discuss design issues during the development of Planescape: Torment.
  • April 20 - Colin McComb - Area Design
  • April 21 - Tim Donley - Area Rendering
  • April 23 - Greg Peterson - Torment Logo
  • April 26 - Guido Henkel - Programming
  • May 6 - Dan Spitzley - Open Beta Testing
  • May 18 - Colin McComb - Dialogue Design
  • May 20 - Dan Spitzley - Good Programming
  • June 3 - Jim Gardner - AI Scripting
  • June 7 - Guido Henkel - Sound Design
  • June 8 - Colin McComb - Character Design
  • June 10 - Dan Spitzley - Programming Tools
  • June 17 - Dan Spitzley - Programming Technique
  • June 24 - Jake Devore - Writing Scripts
  • June 28 - Guido Henkel - Scripting Languages
  • June 30 - Eric Campanella - Character Art
  • July 12 - Guido Henkel - Voice Acting
  • July 16 - Greg Peterson - The Making of the Nameless One
  • July 20 - Colin McComb - Dialogue Design
  • July 26 - Guido Henkel - Planescape AD&D License
  • July 28 - Tim Donley - Art Process
  • August 2 - Guido Henkel - Interactivity
  • August 11 - Tim Donley - Artist Tools
  • August 31 - Scott Warner - Q&A Process
Miscellaneous Designs

Box Art

We then took several ad concepts showing the Nameless One in different positions and treatments to a public focus group. One of the concepts was a SUPER close-up of the Nameless One's face, and everyone went nuts when they saw it, so it became our ad, and eventually was chosen as the final box art. Now in terms of the final art itself, the image of the Nameless One is a photo of the original game director (Guido Henkel) all made-up and spooky looking. The background is a rendered image of the city of Sigil from the game art and was created by the art team. The funky cold blue and hot orange color pallet (representing the extremes present in the game) was created post-art production. For the design of the logo, refer to the April 23 article above.

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