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Northwest Hive

The Flophouse is the only building of note in the Northwest Hive.

Points of Interest

  • You can rest in the Flophouse.
  • Study the thief Fleece for 1,250 XP.

  • Mar will give you a box and ask you to take it to Ku'atraa in the Southeast Hive. Taking the box to Ku'atraa will get you 250 XP, but he will send you to Brasken in the Southwest Hive. Showing Brasken the box will get another 250 XP, but Brasken will send you to see Shilandra in the Northeast Hive. Shilandra will tell you about the box and give you 250 XP. Shilandra will send you to speak with Aola in the Alley of Dangerous Angles. Aola will destroy the box and you will get 1,000 XP. Talk with Mar for 1,250 XP and a Hollow Axe.
  • Porphiron will ask you to get his beads back from some thugs. The thugs are in the Southeast Hive and dressed in red and black. You can kill them and take the beads. Alternatively, you can lie to the thugs and tell them that the Order of Erit Agge is looking for them and you will get 500 XP. Continue talking for 250 XP. A third option is to buy the beads from the thugs. Return to Porphiron for 1,000 XP. Porphiron will now train you as a fighter.
  • [Flophouse] Arlo will ask you to get rid of Nester for him. Talk to Nester and he will agree to leave if you get his fork back. One-Ear, north of the Flophouse, stole Nester's fork. Return the fork for 500 XP and an Obsidian Earring. After Nester leaves, talk to Arlo for 500 XP and free resting.
Northwest Hive

NPCs/Points of Interest
  1. Fleece
  2. Mhult
  3. Porphiron
  4. One-Ear
  5. Hive Tout
  6. Mar
  7. Arlo
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