Planescape: Torment | Walkthrough | Catacombs
Weeping Stone Catacombs

Many crypts, the Buried Village, the Dead Nations and the Warrens of Thought are accessible through the Catacombs.

Points of Interest

  • You will find a Shamanic Rod and Tears of Sorrow.
  • You will find some ghouls, zombies, cranium rats, lesser vargouille and wererats to fight.
  • [Mosaic Crypt] You will find an Enchanted Hammer.
  • [Dismembered Crypt] The floor of the crypt is covered with traps. Below, you will find your Severed Arm.
  • [Crypt of the Embrace] After entering, three ghouls will appear and attack you. They usually carry good items.
  • [Shattered Crypt] A group of lesser vargouille will attack. There are Punch Daggers of Moorin in the pile of bones.

  • Glyve will ask you to get a Decanter of Endless Water to free him. The Decanter is in the Drowned Nations. Bring it to him for 5,000 XP.
  • After learning to talk with the dead, talk to Chad outside the Dead Nations. He will ask you to kill some lesser vargouille for him. Return for 3,750 XP.

NPCs/Points of Interest
  1. Glyve
  2. Chad
  3. To Dead Nations
  4. To Mosaic Crypt
  5. To Dismembered Crypt
  6. To Warren of Thought
  7. To Shattered Crypt
  8. To Crypt of the Embraced
  9. To Buried Village
Items (Yellow)
  1. Antler Axe
  2. Shamanic Rod
  3. Tears of Sorrow

Crypts in the Catacombs

NPCs/Points of Interest
  1. Gris
Items (Yellow)
  1. Punch Daggers of Moorin
  2. Enchanted Hammer
  3. Your Severed Arm | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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