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The Mortuary

You awake on a slab on the second floor of the Mortuary, the Dustman's headquarters in the Northeast Hive. This area acts as a tutorial to make you familiar with the game's controls.

Points of Interest

Level 2
  • Zombie 782 has the Preparation Room Key.
  • Talk with Zombie 396 to steal a bandage.
  • Zombie 1201 has a note. Remove it for 250 XP. Read the note then fold the corners in the order upper right, lower right, upper left, upper right. The reward is 250 XP and a Rule-of-Three Earring.
  • Dhall has Quill Pen.
  • Zombie 1664 has the Receiving Log Page.
  • You can remove the needle and thread from Zombie 506 for 100 XP.
  • If you try to help Zombie 985 to stand, you will kill it and get its arm.
  • If you watch Ei-Vene's hands, you will gain 250 XP.
  • Zombie 821 is an Anarchist in disguise. You can tell him you are looking for him and are here to take his position. He will give you 3 bandages, embalming fluid, a needle, a knife, and 500 XP. Continue to talk to him for 250 XP and to learn about the escape portal north of Deionarra. If you threaten him enough, he will attack you.
  • When dealing with the Anarchist zombie you can only do one of his two quests, either get the key for him or tell him you will take his place. Once you pick one the other will no longer be an option.
Level 3
  • After watching Ei-Vene, you can pull your stash out of Skeleton 42 for 250 XP. Inside are two Clot Charms, and a green steel knife.
  • The first time you snap the neck of a Dustman, you will gain 250 XP.
  • Skeleton 863 has the Mortuary Reminder Message in its skull.
  • Examine Zombie 79 to learn how to open the ancient copper earring. Opening the earring will get you 250 XP.
Level 1
  • The giant skeletons won't attack even if you don't have a disguise on. The will only attack if you have attacked a Dustman, or have attacked or touched the skeletons themselves.
  • Zombie 732 has a Tome of Bone and Ash. Use it to recall the enchantments on the giant skeletons for 500 XP. Then, use the Tome to destroy the giant skeletons for 800 XP each. From the skeletons, you can get a Rune of Lesser Warding, Rune of Armor, Rune of Greater Warding or Rune of Shielding.
  • You can gain 250 XP a piece by snapping the necks of the Dustmen Guards.
  • Talk to Soego who will open the door for you and give you 500 XP.
  • If you haven't told the fake zombie to leave, you can tell Soego or Dhall about him for 250 XP.
  • Talk to Deionarra and you will learn how to raise dead and get 1000 XP. Talk to Deionarra about how to escape for 500 XP. If you anger her, she will curse you.
  • The portal north of Deionarra is activated by a finger charm (Bone Charm). It will take you to the open tomb in the Northeast Hive.

  • [Level 2] Ei-Vene will ask you to get her embalming fluid and a needle. Return with the items for 250 XP. If you wait, you will get +1 hit point.
  • [Level 2] If you ask what Zombie 821 wants, he will ask you to get a key off of Ei-Vene. Get the key from Ei-Vene for 250 XP. Return to the him for 250 XP.
  • [Level 2] If you ask Zombie 821 about a disguise, he will offer to make you one. Return with a needle and embalming fluid, and you will receive 500 XP and the zombie disguise.
Mortuary - Level 2

NPCs/Points of Interest
  1. Morte
  2. Zombie #782
  3. Zombie #1201
  4. Zombie #396
  5. Dhall
  6. Zombie #1664
  7. Ei-vene
  8. Zombie #506
  9. Zombie #985
  10. Zombie #821 / Vaxis
Items (Yellow)
  1. Scalpel
  2. Receiving Room Logbook
  3. Fist Irons
  4. Embalming Fluid
  5. Embalming Fluid
  6. Ancient Copper Earring
NPCs/Points of Interest
  1. Skeleton #42
  2. Skeleton #863
  3. Zombie #79
Items (Yellow)
  1. Mortuary Sanctum Key
  2. Dustman Request
  3. Iron Prybar
  4. Junk
  5. Needle and Thread
  6. Needle and Thread
  7. Mortuary Task List
  8. Junk
  9. Work Hammer
  10. Bone Charm
NPCs/Points of Interest
  1. Deionarra
  2. Fingerbone Portal
  3. Soego
  4. Zombie #732
Items (Yellow)
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