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Clerk's Ward

The Clerk's Ward has very many interesting people and quests, including the major one concerning the night hag Ravel. Important sites include the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts and the Civic Festhall.

Points of Interest

  • Elobrande will give you a mysterious scroll. Opening the scroll will either kill you or just hurt you depending on your constitution.
  • Jolmi's Messenger will send you to meet Jolmi in the Civic Festhall. Jolmi will pay you if you allow her to kill you.
  • Nemelle has the activation word for the Decanter of Endless Water needed to free Ignus.
  • Talk Eli Havelock into training you as a thief for 12,000 XP.
  • [Advocate's House] Talk with the Advocate to pick up Deionarra's legacy after discovering the number in the Private Sensorium. Her legacy includes Deionarra's Wedding Ring and a Healing scroll.
  • [Advocate's House] Talk with the Advocate to get your legacy and 8,000 XP after discovering its number in the Paranoid Journal. In your legacy is a reciept for the Foundry, a Kaleidoscope Eye, and a Stone Gullet of L'Phahl the Gross.
  • [Tailor Shop] You can buy magic armor for Annah and Fall-from-Grace.
  • [Apothocary] You can purchase charms here.
  • [Art Gallery] Examine the 'Hag of Oinos' for 300 XP.
  • [Art Gallery] Use the Forge Hammer to break a piece off of the 'Gangroihydron' screaming statue for 4,000 XP and a Mad Splinter.
  • [Curiosity Shoppe] Purchase the Gorgon Salve and use it on the 'Gangroihydron' screaming statue in the Art Gallery to awaken it. Tip: You are immortal.
  • [Curiosity Shoppe] You can buy special and mundane items here.
  • [Brothel] Fall-from-Grace is here.
  • [Brothel] Yves the Tail-Chaser will trade stories with you for 500 XP each.
  • [Brothel] Teach Nenny Nine-Eyes how to be mean for 5,000 XP.
  • [Brothel] If you are smart enough, you can get 5,000 XP from a memory when you beat Delora in a debate. If you are smart enough, you can get 5,000 XP from a memory when you beat Delora in a game.
  • [Civic Festhall] In the main hall, there is a scroll of Force Missle in the third column.
  • [Civic Festhall] Talk with Splinter to become a Sensate. Splinter will also show you to the sensoriums and sell items.
  • [Civic Festhall] Talk with Qui-Sai about the Way of Stone for AC -1.
  • [Civic Festhall] Talk with Qui-Sai about training you as a fighter for 10,000 XP.
  • [Civic Festhall] Talk with Ghysis the Crooked about the Blood Wars. When you ask him how to get hired in the Blood Wars, he will tell you about his own experience in the Wars. If you know about his past, you can blackmail him for some charms.
  • [Civic Festhall Dormitory] Talk with the clerk in the dormitories to get the key to your room. Inside are charms, the Dodecahedron, and scrolls of Chromatic Orb, Identify, Pacify, Shield, Friends, Blindness and Fire And Ice.
  • [Civic Festhall Public Sensorium] You can gain experience by using the sensory stones. The first set is worth 750 XP, the second set 750 XP, and the third set 1,500 XP.
  • [Civic Festhall Private Sensorium] You can talk to Ravel for 6,000 XP, Deionarra for three instances of 2,000 XP. Will yourself free from the trapped stone for 500 XP.

  • Malmaner will ask you to get a costume for him from Goncalves for him. Get the Dustman costume and return for 8,000 XP. If you tell him that many people will be dressed as Dustmen, he will ask you to get another costume. Return with the new costume for 6,000 XP.
  • Aewlyn will ask you to find Nemelle. Nemelle will give you +3 hit points and 8,000 XP.
  • Talk with Salabesh who will tell you he wants to become the mage trainer in the Civic Festhall. Then talk with one of the mages in training to find that Lady Thorncombe is in the public sensorium. Talk with her and return to Salabesh to tell him that Lady Thorncombe doesn't want to teach anymore. Return to Lady Thorncombe for 12,000 XP. She will now teach you as a mage and sell you scrolls.
  • Talk with the Drunken Mage who will tell you he can't quit drinking. Then talk with Unfulfilled-Desire in the Civic Festhall Dormitory. Return to the Drunken Mage and tell him about Unfulfilled-Desire to get 10,000 XP and a Frost-Ale Mug.
  • [Advocate's House] If you tell the Advocate that some of his daughter Deionarra's experiences are in a sensory stone in the Civic Festhall, he will ask you if you can get him in. Talk with Splinter and return for 8,000 XP.
  • [Apothocary] Pestle Klinn is two people in one. Go to the Curiosity Shoppe and get the Potion of Horrific Separation. Return to split up Pestle Klinn and get 6,000 XP. Talk to Pestle and give him some blood for 10 clot charms.
  • [Brothel] Marissa will ask you to find her veil for her. You will have to teach Nenny how to be mean for 5000 XP and then ask her about the veil. She will send you to Kimasxi who will send you back to Nenny. Then go to Luis the talking armoire to get the veil. Return the veil to Marissa for 25,000 XP.
  • [Brothel] Vivian will ask you to find her scent. Her scent is on Marissa's veil. Tell her for 25,000 XP. Vivian will give you +1 charisma.
  • [Brothel] Juliette will ask you to get some fake love notes from Scofflaw Penn and to give them to Montague. Deliver the note for 5,000 XP, then tell him how to get her back for 5,000 XP. Return to Juliette for 10,000 XP.
  • [Brothel] Dolora will ask you to get the keys to her heart from Merriman. Talk to Merriman in the Civic Festhall who will ask you to get something to make him forget. You will need a Frost-Ale Mug and can either buy one at the Curiosity Shoppe or get one from the Drunken Mage. Go to the Art Gallery and grab a piece of ice from 'Dark Birds of Ocanthus' in the mug. Then ask Yvanna about it. Return to Merriman and give it to him for 12,000 XP and Dolora's Keys. Return to Dolora for 30,000 XP.
  • [Brothel] You will meet Ecco, the silent prostitute. After getting Dolora's Keys, ask Dolora about Ecco. Talk with Ecco and tell her you will find a way to get her speech back. Buy the Fiend's Tongue and Deva's Tears at the Curiosity Shoppe and give them to Ecco for 30,000 XP.
  • [Brothel] To get the blood of Kesai-Serris, first complete the quests for Dolora and Ecco. Talk to Ecco, Dolora, Juliette, and Kimasxi. With a handkerchief, get some blood from Kesai-Serris for 40,000 XP.
  • [Civic Festhall] You will find Mertwyn the Headless in the main hall. A thug at the south end of the Clerk's Ward has his head. Return the head to him for 8,000 XP.
  • [Civic Festhall Private Sensorium] Give Quell the Chocolate Quasit, purchased at the Curiosty Shoppe, for 8,000 XP. He will tell you about Ravel and sell you magical candy.
  • [Civic Festhall Dormitory] To read the Dodecahedron, you must learn the language. Get Finam's Notebook from the Brothel and return it to Finam for 25,000 XP. Talk with the ashes of Finam's father to learn the language for 8,000 XP. You will remember that you were the one that killed him for 4,000 XP.
Clerk's Ward

NPCs/Points of Interest
  1. Able Ponder-Thought
  2. Nemelle
  3. Malmaner
  4. Salabesh the Onyx
  5. Sarhava Vjhul
  6. Jolmi's Messenger
  7. Eli Havelock
  8. Elobrande
  9. Aelwyn
  10. Matter-Of-Course
  11. Diligence
  12. Thug Boss
  13. To UnderSigil
  14. To Lower Ward

Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts

NPCs/Points of Interest
  1. Fall-From-Grace
  2. Dolora
  3. Yves the Tale-Chaser
  4. Kimaxsi Adder-Tongue
  5. Kesai-Serris
  6. Marissa
  7. Vivian
  8. Ecco
  9. Nenny Nine-Eyes
  10. Juliette
  11. Luis the Armoire
  12. Modrons
  13. To Brothel Cellar
  14. To Clerk's Ward
  15. To Brothel
  16. Brothel Caretaker
Items (Yellow)
  1. Handkerchief
  2. Finam's Book

Civic Festhall

NPCs/Points of Interest
  1. Splinter
  2. Jolmi
  3. Mertwyn the Headless
  4. Qui-Sai
  5. Montague
  6. Jumble Murdersense
  7. Ghysis the Crooked
  8. Merriman
  9. Three-Planes-Aligned
  10. Death's Advocate
  11. To Festhall Dormitories
  12. Unfulfilled-Desire
  13. Festhall Room Clerk
  14. To Festhall
Items (Yellow)
  1. Scroll of Force Missiles
  2. Dodecahedron
    Scroll of Fire and Ice
  3. Scroll of Chromatic Orb
    Scroll of Identify
    Scroll of Pacify
    Scroll of Shield
    Scroll of Friends
    Scroll of Blindess
  4. Handkerchief

Public and Private Sensoriums

NPCs/Points of Interest
  1. Lady Thorncombe
  2. Public Sensory Stones
  3. Sensate Guides
  4. Deionnara Sensory Stone
  5. Nameless One Sensory Stone
  6. Ravel Sensory Stone
  7. Quell

Other Clerk's Ward Buildings

NPCs/Points of Interest
  1. Pestle Kilnn
  2. Yvana
  3. "Gray Hag of Oinos"
  4. "Dark Birds of Ocanthus"
  5. "Gangroihydron"
  6. Vrischika
  7. Standish
  8. Iannis, the Advocate
  9. Finam
  10. Finam's Father's Ashes
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