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Ravel's Maze

To understand the "Nature of Man", you must deal with Ravel, the night hag.

Points of Interest

  • To get to Ravel's Maze, you need to do lots of things. First, use the sensory stone in the private sensorium to learn about the key and portal. Get Kesai-Serris to admit she is Ravel's daughter and collect her blood on a handkerchief. Recover your legacy from the Advocate and pick up the folding portal at the Foundry.
  • You will be attacked by Trigits and Shadows.
  • Talk to Ravel who is in the center of the maze for 90,000 XP. You get 180,000 XP when you get her to reveal that the deva knows where your mortality is. You can get 90,000 XP and Ravel's Gray Hair when you get her to explain why she tried to free the Lady of Pain. Through conversation, you can make Ravel take the form of Ei-Vene and increase you maximum hit points, and in the form of Marta, give you an Intestinal Phylactery.
  • Mages can ask Ravel to teach them the art and will received a Black-Barbed Seed.
  • You must fight Ravel who is worth 32,000 XP. She carries the Fiendish Eye of Kalem'Darr, Black-Barbed Necklace, scroll of Blacksphere and Ravel's Fingernail.
  • A portal in the center of the maze to a secret room is triggered by Ravel's Hair. It can also be reached by dying. Black-Barbed Seeds can be sown in the bramble plots to yield Black-Barbed Wands.
  • To escape go to the northeast corner, wait for a portal to open and use it to go to Curst.
Ravel's Maze

NPCs/Points of Interest
  1. Ravel
  2. Portal to Secret Room
  3. Portal to Maze
  4. Bramble Patch
  5. Portal to Curst | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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