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Walkthrough Wrap Up

Now that you have played the expansion. It's time to play the original Icewind Dale again. Some of the following things only happen when difficulty is set very high. We suggest you start a new game on the Insane difficulty level with Heart of Fury mode on. Import your characters and go to town. There are lots more monsters in a lot of areas. Below we will list the major ones. New to Icewind Dale areas:
  • Presio in Dragon's Eye has a level 6 mage apprentice (3064, 1303 AR 4003) this time around. Also, standing next to Presio is now a level 5 fighter (3338, 2279) named Warrior. The apprentice is carrying a Mage Robe of Fire Resistance and Bracers AC 8. Warrior is carrying Plate Mail +1 and a few Bolts +1.
  • Yxunomei in Dragon's Eye now has a few more Mages now to cause havoc in an already tough battle.
  • There are now more Priests and Mages of Vhaeraun around Lady Ilmadia in Lower Dorn's Deep.
  • When you fight Marketh in the Palace, four Kraken Society Mages now attack you. Whoah…these suckers are hard in Heart of Fury mode.
  • The real Malavon in the Lower Dorn's Deep has a friend now. A level 16 mage called Ilair (618, 331 AR 8010) is there to help him. He is carrying a ring of free action and a robe of evil archmagi. There are also a few Invisible Stalkers so be careful.
  • The final battle with Belhifet. Two Cornugons join the battle by walking thru the portal. Now you have to deal with them, golems and Belhifet. Heh.
The following are a few of the general changes for the over-all game, old and new areas. For details, see your Heart of Winter game manual.

  • Bards have new songs. At 9th level they can use songs offensively to disable enemies for a round.
  • Druids have new shape-shifting abilities.
  • Paladins have access to spells in earlier levels.
  • Rangers have a tracking ability now.
  • Thieves have a new feature called Sneak Attack.
  • The opposition schools for Mages are different now.
  • Hitting your ALT key now highlights items, doors and containers.
  • Mouse wheel scroll support has been added.
  • Scroll cases, gem bags and potion bags have been added.
We hope you found this walkthrough useful. If you find something that we missed that, please e-mail us with your suggestions. Thanks to Black Isle Studios for making a really fun expansion with a DRAGON!!

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