Icewind Dale | Heart of Winter Walkthrough | Gloomfrost, Level 1
Gloomfrost, Level 1
(AR 9501)

There isn't a whole lot to do here except talk to Tiernon, explore the area, and kill the remorhaz, which can prove to be difficult foes. They are well-nigh immune to magic, but on the bright side, they don't seem to have any resistance to specific types of weapon damage. So, although you probably can't use spells to defeat them, you should be able to defeat them using your normal repertoire of weapons and arrows. However, you should be prepared to fight before venturing too far into level 2 as Remorhaz have 150 hit points each, and have a base AC of -2. They are worth 10,000 XP each, and are capable of dealing out some severe damage if you go toe to toe with them for very long.

Monsters: Remorhaz.

Areas of Interest

  1. Exit: This exit takes you back outside.

  2. Tiernon Denthelm: You will find a dwarven smithy by the name of Tiernon (3286, 614), who has been called to the icy realm of Gloomfrost to fulfill his life's work. If you have a bard or a dwarf, have them speak to him first. They can gain information about him that other races/classes cannot. You will learn a little bit more about Tiernon, and will gain 26,250 XP to boot. Follow the dialogue options and he will make a mirror for you that will enable you to enter the Seer's chambers in level three of Gloomfrost. Keep speaking with him and you will be able to gain the Glacier Rose for Murdaugh in Lonelywood, and get a better enchantment for the shield you found in the outside area of Gloomfrost. Once you have the shield and Rose, ask him what he's doing there. You will eventually have the option to help him fulfill his life's work, for which you will gain 80,000 XP and access to a very nice weapon.

    What weapon you can get depends on who does the talking and what they choose. For example, druids and dwarves will get an additional option when choosing what weapon they want him to make. The total list of items available is as follows (they are not named in the dialogue, but you can tell which one is which by comparing the descriptions given by Tiernon with the item abilities below):

    • the great sword Hand of the Gloomfrost
    • the hammer Blood of the Gloomfrost (only available if dwarf is speaking)
    • the long sword Kiss of the Gloomfrost
    • the mace Fist of the Gloomfrost
    • the dagger Fang of the Gloomfrost
    • the halberd Tongue of the Gloomfrost
    • the long sword Talon of the Gloomfrost (only available if a druid is speaking)

    In addition to those weapons, if you have the Restored Blade of Aihonen, Tiernon will increase its enchantment when you tell him farewell. He will transform it into The Singing Blade of Aihonen. In case you are wondering, all locations in Icewind Dale and Heart of Winter are apparently within a dragon's flight of Lac Dinneshere. You can also pick Tiernon's pocket for Tiernon's Hearthstone. Note that he will catch you if you steal from him, but it doesn't seem to cause any negative repercussions.

    Be sure to return and speak to him after speaking with the Seer. Have a character with an intelligence score of 15 or above talk to him and he will enchant the mirror he gave you earlier, turning it into the Mirror of Black Ice Amulet. Important: Be sure to hold on to the amulet/mirror, as you will need it to discover the true identity of Wylfdene.

    Tiernon also has a vast inventory of items you can purchase, including an assortment of +1 and +2 weapons and armor, as well as a Scimitar +3: Frostbrand, Hold Fast Arrows, War Hammer of Greater Phasing and Winter King's Plate. Should you be inclined to kill Tiernon, which is not the brightest of moves, you will gain 1,400 XP and War Hammer +2. You will lose 5 points of your reputation for killing him.

  3. Exit: Once finished with Tiernon, use the exit and proceed to level two of Gloomfrost.

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