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Barbarian Camp
(AR 9200)

Note that you will be unable to access most of the map at this point; however, you will return in the near future and will be able to explore the map in its entirety. We will include a fully annotated map at that point to avoid unnecessary spoilage; for now, only two locations are marked.

Monsters: Barbarians.

Areas of Interest

  1. Angaar: Walk forward from the entry point and you will encounter a forced dialogue with Angaar (647, 406), a member of the barbarian horde. Ask to see his leader, and a small cut-scene will ensue announcing your arrival at the great mead hall. You will speak with him again after your venture into the mead hall; the second conversation is detailed in our discussion of that area.

  2. Great Mead Hall (AR 9201): After speaking with Angaar and viewing the cut-scene, you will find yourself in the great mead hall, where you will meet Wylfdene (931, 494) for the first time. It seems Wylfdene has had some prior experience with nosy outlanders, and is none too trustworthy. In fact, if not for the intervention of your friend Hjollder (1094, 497), he would set the entire barbarian nation against you on the spot. First learn about his connection with Jerrod, you will be rewarded with 84,000 XP for your detective work. Try to reason with him for a peaceful solution for 84,000 XP, and say you know nothing about an assassin for another 84,000 XP. This brings the total possible XP you can amass from this conversation to 252,000. Wylfdene will then summarily dismiss you, and bid you to leave while you are still possessed of your life. Another small cut-scene will ensue, and you will be taken back outside the camp where you will again be confronted by Angaar.

    Once back outside, you will get some insight into the honor of Wylfdene, as Angaar (647, 406) will tell you he has been instructed to kill you. Now would the real Wylfdene violate the will of Tempos? Hmm. Probably not. If the charisma of the character speaking with him is above 14, you can avoid fighting him. Ask him what will become of Hjollder for 42,000 XP. If your charisma is over 14, you can convince him not to do battle with you for another 42,000 XP. If you are not forced to fight him, speak to him two more times and ask him about the assassin and Wylfdene for an additional 84,000 XP. If you are forced to fight him, know that he has 100 hit points, has a base AC of 10, gets two attacks per round, and is worth 6,000 XP.

  3. Exit: Once finished speaking/fighting with Angaar, return to Lonelywood.

Back in Lonelywood, visit Baldemar Thurlow and tell him to drop the act about the "agent" that was sent to the barbarian camp. Threaten to expose the whole plot to the council and convince him to "do the right thing" for 420,000 XP. While you are in the area, visit the home of the Three D's again. You will discover that Digby has met a rather unfortunate end, and the brothers blame Emmerich for his untimely demise. If you speak to Emmerich again, he will mention that he thinks the same wolf that attacked him also killed Digby. When ready to venture to the Burial Isle, speak to Young Ned. He will take you there on his boat. The Burial Isle is teeming with monsters, so be sure you are well-equipped for battle before leaving.

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