Icewind Dale | Heart of Winter Walkthrough | Gloomfrost, Outside
Gloomfrost, Outside
(AR 9500)

You will face creatures you might expect to find in such an icy landscape: winter wolves, snow trolls, frost giants, frost salamanders, glacier yetis, and polar bears. None of these villains should pose any serious threat to you at this point, although you will need fire- or acid-based attacks to kill the trolls. Take a moment to enjoy this area, and the two beneath it. The artwork is truly outstanding, and if you pay attention, you will notice several animations in the cliff-faces and in the ice. It seems someone is tracking your progress through Gloomfrost...wonder who it could be? Important locations in the outside area are described below.

Monsters: Polar Bear, Ice Troll, Frost Salamander, Winter Wolf, Frost Giant, and Glacier Yeti.

Areas of Interest

  1. Encampment: This encampment is perhaps the remains of Roald Tunnelfist's earlier expedition. In a pack (2393, 814), you fill find three flaming oils, which might come in handy when dispatching trolls.

  2. Shield: On this small outcropping (3207, 1590), you will find Tiernon's Sundered Shield. Make sure you hang on to it, as you can improve it once you find Tiernon in level 2 of Gloomfrost.

  3. Exit: This exit will take you back to the world map.

  4. Exit: This leads to the first level of the Gloomfrost caverns.

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