Icewind Dale | Heart of Winter Walkthrough | Sea of Moving Ice, Outside
Sea of Moving Ice, Outside
(AR 9600)

This area is crawling with greater snow trolls, which require fire or acid to kill, not to mention greater ice trolls, bergclaws, and scrags, with a couple of ice golem sentries thrown in for good measure. You will be facing a lot of snow trolls in the near future, so make sure you have fire- or acid-based attacks. Also, save those attacks until the snow trolls are on the ground if you need to conserve ammunition and spells. Important locations are detailed below.

Monsters: Greater Ice Troll, Greater Snow Troll, Scrag, Bergclaw, and Ice Golem Sentry.

Areas of Interest

  1. Jorn: Jorn (760, 1921) can heal you if need be. Should someone meet an unfortunate end, return to him and he can resurrect him or her.

  2. Flaming Oils: In these barrels (574, 1940; 602, 1894) you will find flaming oils. If you are short on fire- and acid-based attacks, be sure to grab them, as you can use them to kill the legions of snow trolls you are about to encounter.

  3. Icasaracht's Temple: As you approach and try to open the door (1123, 421) to the temple, the ice golem sentries will attack you. Once they are dead, the door will open and you are free to enter. Note that ice golem sentries are worth 14,000 XP, have 110 hit points, a base AC of -2, get two attacks per round, and are highly resistant to cold-based attacks. Do not enter the door until you have fully explored the outside area of the map.

  4. Treasure: In the front of this ruined ship (1836, 1727) we found a Robe of Armory.

Be ready to fight before entering Icasaracht's Temple as you will be attacked immediately.

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