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(AR 9100)

There is no combat to speak of in Lonelywood, at least not yet, but there are important persons and locations, not to mention a few quests. This will be your home base for the foreseeable future. The expansion isn't terribly long, so we advise that you take your time and fully explore the area. Important persons and locations are described below. Note that you will need to return to this area at various points in the game.

Monsters: Greater Werewolf.

Areas of Interest

  1. Hailee Dunn: A small girl (1776, 2205) will be lamenting the fact that her "brother" has fallen down the well. Regrettably, she has no brother--her tale is apparently just a ruse to get the attention that her overworked father and alcoholic mother fail to provide. If you are evil, you can see through her story for 15,000 XP; if not, you will need to return to her after speaking with her mother or father to gain the experience for exposing the tale as a lie. Speak to her multiple times and you will have the opportunity to trick her into telling you about Kieran's mirror (Kieran is the innkeeper). Just tell her you have a secret, and exchange it for hers--she will tell you about the mirror, and you will gain 15,000 XP. She will also mention various sites around town, including Purvis, whom you will learn more about later in the game.

    If you do not like the idea of a youngster roaming the streets, you can convince her to go home for 15,000 XP. How you do so depends on what path you take, and what class you are playing. For example, a bard can use the tale of the singing fish to pry the secret from her, then say that she should go home because her dad wants to take her fishing, thus allowing her to catch more singing fish. Also, if you are a paladin, you can say that Kieran is angry that she told his secret, and that will "encourage" her to return home. You will also have a chance to restore the Dunn family after speaking to her mother and father--you can convince her mother to go home, and her father to pursue better opportunities so he can stop working so hard (do this after speaking with Quinn, who is described below). If you choose this path, just speak with Hailee after convincing Ambere (her mother) to return home (we'll discuss that shortly). If you are evil, you can threaten to throw her in the well to get her to return home. At any rate, all of the above options are dependent upon you knowing her secret--so make sure you pry it out of her. Since the dialogues with the Dunn family are sometimes dependent on one another, we'll discuss all of them before moving on to other areas.

  2. Dunn Home (AR 9105): Inside this house you will find Tybald Dunn (324, 228), father of Hailee Dunn and husband to Ambere Dunn. Speak to him to learn that he is a cooper (barrel maker) by trade. He will also tell you his opinion of Baldemar Thurlow, the council member representing Lonelywood, who is apparently not sending much business his way. You will be able to rectify this situation after speaking with the priest Quinn Silverfinger. If you are in the throes of Hailee's joke, he will tell you that he has no son, and you can tell him that you will have her come home, but that he had better not harm her. The primary purpose of speaking to him at this point is so you "know" him before speaking with Ambere, whom you will find in the Whistling Gallows Inn. There is a chest (753, 264) in the eastern side of the home in which you will find Boots of the North.

  3. Whistling Gallows Inn (AR 9101): Here you will find some fairly important people who have or will have quests for you in the future. Important persons and locations are described seperately.

  4. Temple (AR 9103): Inside you will find a halfling by the name of Quinn Silverfinger (331, 474), a priest of Waukeen who has come to Lonelywood to ply his trade and bring commerce to "this desolate place." He, like most of the townsfolk, isn't terribly fond of Baldemar Thurlow. Thus, if you know Tybald Dunn, you can get Quinn to speak to him regarding other trade options, thus increasing his business. Be sure to talk to Tybald afterwards. You will have the option to convince him to seek opportunities elsewhere, and will gain 20,000 XP for changing his fortune. Quinn can also provide you with the services typical of any temple. If you look in the back of the building you will find a trapped secret compartment (794, 199), which looks like a door. Inside you will find about 1800 gold, 3 diamonds, and Quinn's Fancy Sling. If you are of low intellect, and don't mind turning everyone against you, you can kill him and gain the following: 40 Force Bullets, Sling +1, and a Morning Star +4: Defender. Check Quinn's store for some powerful magic items, including Force Bullets, the great sword Amaunator's Legacy, Flail of Mae, the hammer Inconsequence, Kinetic Spear, Three White Doves, and the shield Waukeen's Defender.

  5. Emmerich's Shop (AR 9104): Inside this shop you will find Emmerich Hawk (349, 225), a ranger and bowyer. He will tell you about an encounter he had with a killer wolf, and will say that he thinks the wolf is a manifestation of the Forest Father's vengeance. It seems three brothers (we'll discuss them later) have been trapping animals in the area, and Emmerich thinks the Forest Father is displeased that he hasn't put a stop to it. You will learn about the nature of the wolf later; for now, you are free to inspect the ranger's wares. Most of his items are menial, but he does have a few things of note, including various magic arrows and bullets, magic bows, and a magic short bow called Storm Bow.

  6. Thurlow Estate (AR 9106, AR 9107): In the downstairs area of this home (AR 9106) you will find Arden Thurlow (342, 473), the disgruntled wife of Baldemar Thurlow. She will mention that a mysterious man recently came to visit to her husband, and will also bewail the fact that she has been reduced to being the wife of a cartwright (wagon maker). You can find 4 Elixirs of Health in a drawer (524, 211).

    Upstairs you will find Baldemar Thurlow (707, 353), the representative for Lonelywood in the council of the Ten Towns. Ask him about the camp and then tell him you will find it on your own. His response to such is rather suspicious. He will tell you of his position and will mention that the stranger mentioned by his wife was an "agent" sent to "negotiate" with the barbarians. Search the cabinet (393, 274) and you will find a letter that speaks of a plan and of the agent. The information contained therein will cast even more doubt upon the truth of Baldemar's story. You will find the truth of the matter later.

  7. Home of the "Three D's" (AR 9108): Just right of this home you will find Digby (774, 452), one of the Three D's. Doogal (276, 215) and Dolan (313, 371) are inside the home. These are the three brothers mentioned by Emmerich as incurring the wrath of the Forest Father through their unregulated trapping. They don't have much to say at the moment, although Doogal will give you his opinion of Emmerich, whom he views as a tree-hugging idiot. You will learn more of the fate of the brothers later in the game. If you are bloodthirsty and don't care about the consequences, you can kill Doogal and loot a Charged Battle Axe +2 and Studded Leather +1 from his twitching carcass

  8. Traders: Rawleigh Galaway (2185, 2656) and Karrl (1880, 2455), members of a trading coster, were marooned in Lonelywood because of the barbarians. Rawleigh is related to Gaspar the Fishmonger, whom you may remember from Easthaven. They don't seem to know anything, and are predisposed to bitching about their condition. If you have had enough of Rawleigh's lip, you can kill him to find a Healing Potion and a Short Sword +2. Note that killing him will likely turn the entire town against you.

  9. Jemeliah: Jemeliah Smithson (2588, 2619), is another coster employee who is greatly disturbed at being trapped in Lonelywood. Jemeliah has nothing really interesting to say, but if you like strong willed woman, woah.

  10. Tower (AR 9109): Inside the tower you will find Thom Farold (487, 343), a devout builder of boats. If you ask him about the Burial Isle after you have visited the barbarian camp for the first time, he will warn you about its dangers. However, if you persist and tell him you have to go there, he will tell you that Young Ned can take you. However, you will not have that dialogue option until you have visited the barbarian camp for the first time. You will find two chests in this area; the northernmost (479, 181) contains 20 Bolts +2. The other (404, 270) contains a Bottle of Wine (Marsember Blush). We found no use for the wine, other than Ned is following in his uncle's footsteps.

  11. Young Ned: Young Ned (486,1839) is a relative of Old Jed from Easthaven. Ned will tell you about the conflict between Emmerich and the Three D's, and will transport you to the Burial Isle after you return from the barbarian camp for the first time.

  12. Purvis' Home (AR 9110): Purvis, (420, 250) seems dumb as a rock. But alas, he is more than he seems. You will find out about Purvis' true identity later in the game. Should you, for some unknown reason, take it upon yourself to kill him (likely ruining your game), you will find Boots of Stealth, Cloak of Non-Detection, Short Sword of Backstabbing, Ring of Free Action, Oil of Speed and Potion of Healing.

  13. Exit: You can reach the barbarian camp by leaving from here. Do not go until you have fully explored Lonelywood.

  14. Entry Point: This is where your party will be placed upon arrival to Lonelywood. Hjollder (1033, 2408) greets you and tells you to make posthaste to help his clan.

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