Icewind Dale | Heart of Winter Walkthrough | Gloomfrost, Level 2
Gloomfrost, Level 2
(AR 9502)

You will face more remorhaz, with a few ice golem sentries thrown in to boot. You will also finally meet the Seer, who will aid you in your quest by telling you how to use the mirror to divine the true identity of Wylfdene. Ice golem sentries are especially susceptible to fire attacks, but are pretty much immune to cold damage of any kind. They have 25% resistance to crushing and slashing weapons, 50% resistance to missile weapons, 25% resistance to magic in general, and a base AC of -4. They have 110 hit points and are worth 14,000 XP. Note that they can also stun you with their crushing blows. As if the golems and remorhaz were not enough, the area is also heavily trapped. If possible, have your thief or priest detect traps.

Monsters: Ice Golem Sentry and Remorhaz.

Areas of Interest

  1. Exit: This exit takes you back to level 1.

  2. Remorhaz: Here you will find a remorhaz (3222, 2461) that appears to be in a small hole of some sort. If you kill it at the southern end of the hole, you can pick up the item that it drops, which turns out to be an amulet: Kossuth's Blood. Note that there is a bug with the amulet, and it will not actually reduce casting times until the patch is released. Even if you kill the remorhaz near the southern end of the hole, it will take up to 10 seconds for you to pick it up. If you still can't reach it, then you can always dimension door into the hole if you happen to have a mage.

  3. Door to Seer's Chambers: This is the door (2669, 184) to the Seer's Chambers. It will not open unless you have the mirror you obtained from Tiernon in Level 2 of Gloomfrost.

  4. Seer: Here you will find the Seer (3258, 311). It seems she has been hiding from you, knowing all too well that your arrival and her death are inextricably linked. She will tell you the weakness of the creature inhabiting Wylfdene's body (vanity), and will tell you the story of how Aihonen broke the creature's heart. The breaking must have been cataclysmic indeed, as it turned the creature's once passionate nature into a Heart of Winter, a heart that beats only for vengeance and power. You will gain 280,000 XP for discovering that vanity is the creature's weakness (which is why you need the mirror). If you try to convince the Seer to overcome her cowardice and come with you, you will gain another 280,000 XP.

    After you are finished speaking with the Seer, you can have her teleport you back outside if you want, but a better idea is to tell her you have unfinished business in the caverns instead. Why, you ask? Well, if you had read our discussion of Tiernon you know! After leaving the Seer, be sure to return and speak to Tiernon. Have a character with an intelligence score of 15 or above talk to him and he will enchant the mirror he gave you earlier, turning it into the Mirror of Black Ice Amulet. The other abilities of the amulet remain in effect even after the charges are depleted.

    Of course, if you are perturbed that the Seer has been hiding, and don't like the fact that she blinded poor Tiernon out of sheer cowardice, you can kill her, although that is perhaps not the most intelligent course of action. She is weak, and thus you will gain almost nothing for killing her (15 XP), although you will gain a cloak, Wailing of Virgins. But you will get the cloak later, anyway--we're not telling you how, just yet--so just let her go in peace.

    After you have completed the area, and have spoken to the Seer and returned to Tiernon for the amulet, you are ready to venture to the Barbarian Camp for the second time, where you will use the creature's vanity (not to mention the mirror/amulet) to expose its true identity. Simply journey back up to the outside level of Gloomfrost, and travel to the Barbarian Camp. Or you can go back to the Seer and ask her to take you to the surface of the glacier. At least that way you only have to travel back across one map instead of two. Obviously, if you are down to your last hit point, heal before doing so.

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