Icewind Dale | Trials of the Luremaster Walkthrough | Castle Throne Room
Castle Throne Room
(AR 9800)

The gig is up for Mr. Luremaster man. You have played his games, solved his riddles and killed everything that came before you. Time to get out of this place. The only thing to do here is to kill the Luremaster, grab the ring and go home.

Monsters: Luremaster, Spectral Hero

  1. Luremaster: Talk to the Luremaster (923, 448) one last time. He congratulates you on escaping the dungeons and for having exceeded the castle's previous guests in bravery and wit. But he has one last task for you to complete before you may leave: putting to rest the spirits of the castle in a battle worthy of a master poet's pen. The Luremaster then summons in some spectral heroes to help him out. This battle is very hard because he keeps teleporting around the room and summoning spectral heroes. Kill 'em all is how Metallica put it and once you have go to north end of the room and open the seat of the throne. [ed. an alternative plan is to concentrate on killing the Luremaster with a couple hasted fighters while distracting the heroes with summoned creatures -- all the heroes disappear once the Luremaster dies]

  2. Throne: Inside the Throne (862, 362) is a tarnished ring. This is how you get out of this place. Have one of your characters equip the ring and then click on use item. Now click on the ring and you are teleported back to the Whistling Gallows Inn. Congratulations, for you have defeated the Luremaster and his riddles. You may now continue to play Heart of Winter.

We hope you found this walkthrough useful. If you find something that we missed that, please e-mail us with your suggestions. A very special thanks to everyone at Black Isle Studios for releasing this free expansion. The dedication to the fans comes through with every battle and puzzle. Kudos.

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