Icewind Dale | Trials of the Luremaster Walkthrough | Castle Keep Level 2
Castle Keep Level 2
(AR 9712)

This is where Lord Maluradek is hiding out. He is also guarding the key that you need to get to the dungeons. You must go through these halls and find Lord Maluradek. Then you kill him and take the key. Yeah, killing and taking, that's it. Right as you enter, spectral guards will immediately attack you. Take them out and head north. In the small rooms just before you reach the organ room, take out the water kin elementals.

Monsters: Beholder, Lord Maluradek, Spectral Guard, Water Elemental Kin

  1. Luremaster: When you reach the large room with an organ, you will see the Luremaster (1099, 436) standing next to the organ itself. If you try to talk to him, he only replies with "..." and disappears. A beholder will come into the room and attack you. Kill it and be awarded with 28,000 experience points and continue on to the east.

  2. Treasure: Two spectral guards are here guarding a bookshelf (1846, 471) containing a scroll of Power Word: Stun. Make your way south and kill another beholder waiting for you. Once you start fighting him, another will come from hehind so be on the look out. Along the way, open the doors to the small rooms to kill the spectral guards hiding within.

  3. Treasure: Spectral guards guard this library. Take them out and loot the place. On one bookshelf (2300,1374) you will find scrolls of Acid Storm, Power Word: Kill and Prismatic Spray. On the other bookshelf (2400, 1407) you will find a Tome of Leadership and Influence (+1 CHA permanently).

  4. Lord Maluradek's Chamber: When you reach Lord Maluradek's chamber, the Lord (1374, 1057) greets you in his ghostly form. He will talk to you for a brief moment before he tries to kill you. After you kill him, he drops his sword Dead God's Dreaming (+4, +6 vs. good to hit, +4, +5 vs. good damage, cast Emotion: Fear 3/day, cast Symbol of Pain 1/day, not usable by good alignment). Open the cabinet (1315, 1008) behind him to find Lord Maluradek's Journal. This proves a good read as it gives you even more history of why the Luremaster brought you here. Head into the room to the east and find the secret door (1715, 878).

  5. Treasure: In the room behind the hidden door, there is a pile of treasure (1861, 796) lying on the ground. Pay dirt courtesy of Lord Maluradek himself. Here is what you find: High Quality Bastard Sword (+1 hit), Full Plate Mail +1 (AC 0), a Great Shield +3 (AC +4, +1 AC vs. missiles, 15% resistance to slashing, piercing, crushing damage, THAC0 -2, min 18 STR to wield) and the dungeon key that you have been looking for. Now that you have it, it is time to head back down to the first level of the castle and down to the first level of the dungeon.

  6. Exit: This is the stairway (299, 1581) back to the first level of the castle.

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