Icewind Dale | Trials of the Luremaster Walkthrough | Castle Keep Level 1
Castle Keep Level 1
(AR 9711)

After leaving the Watchknights' Crypt, go talk to Hobart. If you are rough with him, he will tell you the story of how he arrived here and why he brought you here. After he tells you the story, trade the goods you found and buy any that you need. Now head to the castle entrance where the Luremaster usually is. You will notice that the door is now open and the Luremaster is no longer standing there. Walk right on in and be ready for some tough fights.

Monsters: Invisible Stalker, Rakshasa, Shadowed Goblin, Shadowed Lizardman, Shadowed Troll, Spectral Cook, Spectral Guard, Water Kin Elemental

  1. Luremaster: When you enter the castle keep, the Luremaster (1745,1424) will greet you right away. He informs you that you cannot leave until you understand what has happened and then presents you with the following riddle:
    "To understand this shameful tale,
    Through princely guards you must prevail.
    'Neath unused arms and unstruck mail,
    Will you find the coffin's nail.

    'Round and 'round the sun does fly,
    And one man left below will die.
    His crime? To make the peasant's eye
    Reflect his lord's ignoble lie."
    The entire area is filled with spectral guards. They are worth 10,000 experience points each. The spectral guards will attack when you try to move up both sets of stairs. If you want even more experience points, force attack the two that are guarding the door to the throne room. When you do this, more appear from thin air. On the west side of the room, there are a couple of water kin elementals to take out as well.

  2. Kitchen: When you enter the kitchen, the spectral cook (409, 347) calls for guards, and more spectral guards appear and rush your party. There is nothing of importance in this room, other than to kill the guards for the experience points.

  3. Hobart: Hobart Stubbletoes (2177, 234) is standing here inside the castle. When you ask him how he got in, he tells you that he entered through a secret entrance. As you talk to him, he keeps telling you that he needs a key from the second level of the castle. This key opens the looked door (2028, 1255) to the dungeons. He presents you with attitude and eventually reveals his true form, a rakshasa. He promptly summons two more rakshasa and invisible stalkers. The other two rakshasa then summon shadowed goblins, lizardmen and trolls to help them in the battle. Try and take out the rakshasa first because they are powerful spell casters and let the magic flow. After the battle, loot the rakshasa for some Cloaks of Non-Detection and gold.

  4. Treasure: This bookcase (1959,86) holds scrolls of Monster Summoning IV, Flesh to Stone and Tenser's Transformation.

  5. Stairway to Level 2: Once you have killed everything there is to kill, take the stairway (318, 1384) to level two so you can get the key to unlock the door (2028, 1255) to the dungeon.

  6. Stairway to Dungeon: This is the stairway (2346, 1432) to the dungeon. You cannot access this until you have found the key on level two of the castle.

  7. Exit: This exit (2011, 1760) takes you back out to the courtyard.

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