Icewind Dale | Trials of the Luremaster Walkthrough | Castle Maluradek Courtyard
Castle Maluradek Courtyard
(AR 9700)

Welcome to Anauroch and Castle Maluradek. Hot and dry, be ready to stay awhile. You cannot return to Lonelywood until you have finished Trials of the Luremaster. Upon arrival, Mr. Hobart Stubbletoes (1457, 920) is less than helpful with information. No matter what you say he eventually calls you an Orc-wit and runs into his house. You are then attacked by harpies and wyverns. Try to fight them in a tight group and kill them quickly. Then move to the left of the screen to see if you missed any wyverns. After all of those are dead, move to the right and draw out the beetles hiding there. Kill them off and then go investigate Hobart's house.

Monsters: Boring Beetle, Bombardier Beetle, Fiendish Harpy, Harpy, Phase Spider, Rhinoceros Beetle, Sword Spider, Wyvern

  1. Hobart Stubbletoes' House (AR 9715): After the battle, open the door (795, 321) to Hobart's house and walk right in. Once inside his humble abode you are safe to rest. Talk to Hobart (269, 153) and he will inform you that he came to Castle Maluradek in search of treasure. Over the years at this desolate place, he has found a few regular and unique items that he will sell you. His inventory is worth checking out, and you can sell any items you find to him. Do some shopping, rest and take the exit (303, 352) back outside. If for some reason you decide to kill Hobart (which we recommend you do not for he plays a role later in the plot) you fill find he has Leather Armor +2 (AC 6), Gauntlets of Dexterity (DEX set to 18), Short Sword +2 (+2 to hit and damage) and Light Crossbow of Speed (+1 missile damage, +3 to hit, 1 extra attack per round). Your party also gets hit with a 4 point reputation penalty.

  2. Castle Keep Entrance: Head northwards around Hobart's house and you will eventually find some wyverns and harpies fighting each other. Unless you just want the experience points, do not join the fray until one side wins. Then finish off the victors before they can celebrate. Behind the battlegrounds you will see the entrance (795, 321) to Maluradek Keep and a ghostly apparition (813, 398), The Luremaster. Talk to him and he will tell you that you're stuck here until you answer the lure. Asking what that entails ensues a riddle of grand proportion. Read what he says well, for without solving it you cannot enter the castle. When you are finished talking with the Luremaster head back southeast and look for the entrance (1749, 548) to the Chapel of Helm, the next stop on your journey.

  3. Chapel of Helm (AR 9713): Upon entering the Chapel of Helm you will be attacked by phase and sword spiders. Lay down the Orkin Man routine and head east to the alter. You will see an offering bowl (619, 244) and a manuscript (638, 262). Ignore the offering bowl for now and pick up the manuscript and read it well. It tells you plenty of need to know information on how to solve the Luremaster's riddle and also a clue to whom the Luremaster is. Now armed with the knowledge from the Manuscript of the High Watcher, it is time for some tower exploration. Exit (173, 455) the chapel and go up the stairway to the eastern towers.

  4. Stairway to Eastern Towers: This stairway (764, 1294) takes you to the two eastern towers.

  5. Stairway to Western Towers: This stairway (1934, 624) takes you to the two western towers.

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