Icewind Dale | Trials of the Luremaster Walkthrough | Castle Dungeon Level 4
Castle Dungeon Level 4
(AR 9800)

Time for dungeon crawling, gem collecting fun and games. At first this level seems confusing on what you need to do, but it really just boils down to collecting, converting and placing. You collect five flawed gems, convert the flawed gems into flawless gems and place them in a proper order on a portal puzzle to get to the finale to your adventure. To try and help simplify the process, we listed all treasure together with one number on the map so you know you did not miss anything. Also, we list both before and after gem conversion information in each cave. Each cave has a link to a graphic showing you the chest and altar. Just follow along below and loot the treasure when you are not kicking butt for goodness.

Monsters: Bat, Bombardier Beetle, Dire Bear, Fiendish Harpy, Glabrezu, Greater Jackal, Harpy, Infernal Harpy, Jackal, Jackal Pack Leader, Jackal Shaman, Jackal Warrior, Minotaur, Minotaur Elder, Minotaur Lord, Phase Spider, Shambler, Stone Nuisance, Summoner, Sword Spider, Wraith Spider

  1. Entrance: This is where you begin this level. If there is some reason you want to go back to the third level, you can use this as the exit (212, 1191). Head north and then east to the Earth Cave. There are many traps so be careful and be ready for some fights with greater jackals, jackal shamen, jackal warriors and a few phase spiders. All jackal shamen drop a Quarter Staves +1 (+1 hit and damage) and a Studded Leather Armor +2 (AC 5).

  2. Earth Cave: When you enter (1568, 348) the Earth Cave (AR 9801), bombardier beetles, phase spiders, sword spiders, and wraith spiders attack you. Once they are dead, open the chest (2294, 849) and grab the flawed emerald gem. To the east is a small passageway that leads to the Altar of Earth (2669, 1167). Two stone nuisances guard the altar and attack on site. The key to them is a magical blunt weapon. Repeat after me: "magical blunt weapon". For the title of nuisance, they live up to it by casting hard hitting Magic Missiles on the first target they see until they die. That is ten Magic Missiles hitting your character with each attack. On top of that, they only drop 100 gold each once dead. Later in this dungeon you will convert the flawed emerald into a flawless diamond. You will find the flawless diamond on the altar. Now exit (2195, 376) the cave and head southeast to find Rikasha.

  3. Rikasha: On your way to this point, you will be attacked by a group of shamblers. Kill them and continue southward until you meet Rikasha (2170,885), a retired jackal warrior. He tells you of how he used to serve the Luremaster and how his people built a portal that transported them inside the castle. He tells you that there are components missing, which are the gems you are collecting. He tells you that you need to find the shaman from his tribe to learn how to activate the broken portal. Rikasha will allow you to rest here, so visit him often to heal and memorize spells. Continue moving south to the Sea Cave fighting your way through the jackal warriors and greater jackals, .

  4. Sea Cave: Enter (1646, 2659) the Sea Cave and kill off all the harpies, infernal harpies and fiendish harpies. Grab the flawed pearl from the chest (3295,2459) and kill off the stone nuisances next to the Alter of Sea (1604,1828). Later in this dungeon you will convert the flawed pearl into a flawless waterstar gem. You will find the flawless waterstar gem on the altar. Now exit (2529, 2531) the cave and head on a northeast slant towards the Night Cave. You will fight jackal warriors, greater jackals, jackal shaman, glabrezu, sword spiders and summoners as you make your way. All summoners carry Robes of Evil Archmagi (AC 5, % magic resistance, +1 Saving Throws) and Rings of Protection +2 (AC +2, +2 Saving Throws). You will see the portal platform as you progress, just ignore it for now and enter the Night Cave.

  5. Night Cave: When you enter (2343, 1377) the Night Cave, you are attacked by dire bears. After killing them, go south to the chest (2921, 1772) that contains the flawed moonbar gem. Head north and take out the stone nuisances next to the Alter of Night (2847, 473). Later in this dungeon you will convert the flawed moonbar gem into a flawless moonstone gem. You will find the glawless moonstone on the altar. Exit (3338, 1212) the cave, and head back north to the Earth Cave. Stop by and rest with Rikasha if needed. From the Earth Cave head southwest to the Day Cave. Along the way, jackal warriors, bats, jackal shaman, glabrezu and summoners will attack you.

  6. Day Cave: When you enter (320, 2598) the Day Cave, you are attacked by jackals, greater jackals, jackal shaman, and the jackal pack leader. Kill them and grab the flawed fire agate gem from the chest (799, 2208). Kill the stone nuisances next to the Altar of Day (520, 2403). Later in this dungeon you will convert the flawed fire agate gem into a flawless sunstone gem. You will find the flawless sunstone gem on the altar. Exit (997, 2268) the cave and go a little north to look for a bed.

  7. Portal Instructions: On this bed (342, 2105) you will find a scroll. These are the instructions, although cryptic, on how to activate the portal Rikasha told you about. If offers the following clue:
    Heaven above, Earth and Sea below
    Sun's flight, Day turns to Night
    Seasons change all that we know
    Stones numbered five brings the gate alive
    To home the passage will flow
    Since you are reading this, you do not need to worry with it. We have it all figured out for you. Head north to the Heaven Cave.

  8. Heaven Cave: When you enter (1271, 1266) the Heaven Cave you see a minotaur that asks you not to kill him. He runs and leads you into an ambush of minotaur elders and the minotaur lord. As you fight the elders, more minotaur come at your party from behind. After killing them, the minotaur lord drops a Cloak of Displacement (+4 vs. missile weapons, +2 Death, Breath Wand saving throws), a Ring of Free Action, and an Axe of the Minotaur Lord (+4 hit and damage, 25% chance to stun for 1d4 rounds). After the walking bull battle, head to the chest (1801, 1222) and grab the flawed skydrop gem. Now head south to find the Chest of Seasons (736, 1467). It appears to just be an empty chest. This is what you use to change the flawed gems into their flawless counterparts to activate the portal. Place the flawed gems in the Chest of Seasons and watch as they disappear in a little puff of magic. Now head north to the Altar of Heaven (728, 436) and kill the two stone nuisances. Look on the altar to find a flawless star sapphire. As you have figured out by now, exit (2156, 1518) the cave and revisit all the caves again to get the flawless gems from the altars. Each altar will again have a pair of stone nuisances to contend with. Visit Rikasha to rest and heal before going to the portal. If you have not been gathering treasure, this is a good time to do so as you are walking around to the caves gathering the flawless gems. Once you have all the gems and have rested, head down south to the portal.

  9. Treasure: Shelf (2584, 2540): Oil of Speed, Potion of Absorption, Potion of Genius, Cursed Antidote. Shelf (2515,2526): Potion of Hill Giant Strength, Potion of Invulnerability, Potion of Agility, Violet Potion. Crate (2125, 2348): Scrolls of Icelance, Ice Storm, Stoneskin, Emotion: Hopelessness. Closet (2917, 966): Long Bow of Marksmanship (+3 hit, +2 damage), Fire Arrows. Chest (2817, 1070): Ring of Animal Friendship, Tranquil Bolt (+1 hit and damage, cast Silence on target). Crate (3213, 2445): Scrolls of Summon Shadow, Demishadow Monsters, Monster Summoning VI, Tenser's Transformation. Chest (550, 540): Spear +3: Backbiter (+3 hit and damage, 3 hit points damage to wielder per hit), Scimitar +3: Frostbrand (+3 hit and damage, 50% resistance to fire), Studded Leather +2: Missile Attractor (AC 5, 15 vs. missile weapons). Chest (469, 2378): Oil of Fiery Burning, Potion of Absorption, Potion of Magic Shielding. Chest (1278, 893): Potion of Heroism, Elixir of Health. Closet (1227, 802): Hell's Bane (2d8+4 damage and +4 hit vs. Baatezu and Tanar'ri, 20% fire resistance).

  10. Door to Gem Caves: After transforming the gems, looting for treasure and resting, it is time to get the heck out of this stank hole dungeon. Head down south to the portal (3311, 2022). In the center of the portal is what appears to be a star, each leg of the star points to a certain spot on the ring surrounding it. You must place the gems within this ring, in their appropriate slots. Click on the rings of the Portal and it will tell you what symbol it is looking for. Below shows you what gem to place with what symbol:

    • Heaven - flawless star sapphire (3254, 1970)
    • Earth - flawless diamond (3401, 2044)
    • Sea - flawless water star (3314, 2091)
    • Night - flawless moonstone (3220, 2051)
    • Day - flawless sunstone (3364, 1969)

    After doing this, the portal will activate and you receive 60,000 XP. For those that want extra experience points, put a gem in with the wrong symbol and the portal summons cornugon in to fight you. They are a tough fight and worth 24,000 XP each. There is only one thing left to do and that is to enter (3311, 2022) the portal and finally face the Luremaster.

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