Icewind Dale | Trials of the Luremaster Walkthrough | Castle Dungeon Level 2
Castle Dungeon Level 2
(AR 9717)

When you enter this area, doors to the east and west will open and beholders will attack. Take them out and head north to the Magic Mouth. It presents you with a riddle you must solve to get to level three of the dungeon. There are some tough fights ahead, so be ready with swords and spells.

Monsters: Beholder, Minotaur, Neo Orog Marauder, Spectral Guard, Umber Hulk, Wyvern

  1. Magic Mouth: Here is a Magic Mouth (1502, 246), or talking door, that will not let you pass to the third level of the dungeon. It tells you, "Only those who have two heads with no eyes, a pair of mouths, but no voice may pass beyond this door." That means you have to find a couple of skulls. Head down the passageway to the west first.

  2. Skull #1: Along this hallway, you will have to fight spectral guards, wyverns, umber hulks, neo orog marauders and minotaurs to find a locked cell door (352, 467). Inside you will find a body (380, 244) laying on the ground. Grab its skull and head down the east hallway.

  3. Skull #2: Along this hallway, you will fight more spectral guards, neo orog marauders, umber hulks, minotaurs and wyverns. The last door (3553, 1087) at the end of the hallway is locked as well, so it's time to lock pick, force or knock. Another body (3450, 1256) is on the ground in here as well, so grab its skull. With both skulls in hand, it is time to head back and shut the Magic Mouth up. Solving the riddle earns you 840,000 XP. Not bad for a couple of skulls. You can now head down to level three of the dungeon.

  4. Treasure: In a barrel (2230, 948), you will find a scroll of Monster Summoning VII.

  5. Exit: This archway (2376, 1259) will take you back to the first level of the dungeon.

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