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This section describes the weapons that can be discovered in Baldur's Gate. The subsections basically mirror the weapon profiencies present in the game: Axes, Blunt Weapons, Bows, Missile Weapons (includes Crossbows), Polearms, Small Sword, Large Swords, and Spiked Weapons. Unless you become proficient in a selected weapon class, you will fight with a -1 penalty to hit.


Fletchers work long and hard to craft deadly arrows that can be fired from bows.

The preferred weapon for many dwarves, axes come in the one- and two-handed variety.
Blunt Weapons

Blunt weapons include clubs, cudgels, maces, and quarterstaves. These weapons typically draw no blood, but they can still be quite deadly.

Bolts are smaller than arrows and fitted into crossbows instead of bows.

Bows are the favored weapon of rangers and archers looking to keep some distance between their foes and themselves.

Crossbows take longer to fire than bows, but generally do more damage.
Large Swords

Large swords include larger and longer metal weapons that generally slash rather than pierce opponents. This includes long swords, two-handed swords, and bastard swords.

Missiles are those weapons that are hurled at opponents by hand rather than with bows or crossbows. Examples include darts, throwing knives, sling bullets, and throwing axes.

Pole arms are long shafts of metal or wood affixed with a deadly blade at the end. Spears and halberds are excellent examples.
Small Swords

These smaller cousins to the large swords are favored by those who need mobility and speed rather than raw power. This category of weapons includes the short sword and the dagger.
Spiked Weapons

Spiked weapons are as dangerous as they are menacing, as anyone who has been on the reciving end of a flail or morning star can confirm. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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