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Non-Player Characters

NPCs with their own interests and goals will join your adventuring party if you allow them to. There are twenty-five such NPCs scattered around Baldur's Gate. You will have complete control of their actions, although occassionally they may disagree and not listen. Be sure to find an effective mix of characters as some NPCs like and complement each other, while others will be antipathetic and try to verbally or physically spar. Your alignment and reputation are also important factors in determining whether your party will stay together happily.

The party may have a maximum of six characters permitting many combinations and much variety. To ease controlling each member, scripts can be chosen or customized to set the default behaviour of the NPCs.

Name Sex Class Race Alignment
Ajantis M Paladin Human Lawful Good
Alora F Thief Halfling Chaotic Good
Branwen F Cleric Human True Neutral
Coran M Fighter/Thief Elf Chaotic Good
Dynaheir F Invoker Human Lawful Good
Edwin M Conjurer Human Lawful Evil
Eldoth Kron M Bard Human Neutral Evil
Faldorn F Druid Human True Neutral
Garrick M Bard Human Chaotic Neutral
Imoen F Thief Human Neutral Good
Jaheira F Fighter/Druid Half-Elf True Neutral
Kagain M Fighter Dwarf Lawful Evil
Khalid M Fighter Half-Elf Neutral Good
Kivan M Ranger Elf Chaotic Good
Minsc M Ranger Human Neutral Good
Montaron M Fighter/Thief Halfling Neutral Evil
Quayle M Cleric/Illusionist Gnome Chaotic Neutral
Safana F Thief Human Chaotic Neutral
Shar Teel F Fighter Human Chaotic Evil
Skie F Thief Human True Neutral
Tiax M Cleric/Thief Gnome Chaotic Evil
Viconia F Cleric Drow Elf Neutral Evil
Xan M Enchanter Elf Lawful Neutral
Xzar M Necromancer Human Chaotic Evil
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