Baldur's Gate II | Throne of Bhaal Player Guide
Throne of Bhaal Player's Guide
by Rik Henderson for Interplay
(HTML by Agent009 and Silverdawn)

The following is a basic walkthrough for the Throne of Bhaal (TOB) Expansion for Baldurís Gate II. It is not, however, a walkthrough for the original game. It does not include the Watcherís Keep quest that comes extra with Throne of Bhaal as, although it is a valuable resource for fantastic weapons, it is not essential to completing the story - and if you are truly a hardy adventurer you will have completed it anyway from the Shadows of Amn side of the epic quest (it is accessible from both once Throne of Bhaal is installed). Also, as a basic walkthrough, there are many side quests and sub-plots that are omitted, instead this Playerís Guide concentrates on the basics of the game, and the most direct route to completing the main plotline. There are also tips on how to beat the major bad guys at the end of the chapters.

At the end of this guide are also three extra sections explaining some, but certainly not all, of the new Spells, Items and Characters that appear in this extension. I have made a conscious decision to include the ones that I personally find the most sexy, so my opinion may differ from your own.

A WORD OF WARNING: This document contains spoilers, so donít read it if you donít wish to ruin the ending of either the extension, the original Shadow Of Amn, or even the first Baldurís Gate game.

Level Guide

Throne of Bhaal takes up where Shadows of Amn (SOA) left off, and should really be considered Chapters 8-10 (SOA finishing when you have defeated Jon Irenicus, and your characters escaping from Hell to live again).

You can play the expansion in one of two ways. Either import your generated character from SOA, in which case your experience points are raised to 2,500,000, and you are given a very well stocked Bag of Holding (to add to the items you were carrying at the end of the last chapter). Or you can create a new character, who will be raised to 2,500,000 XP and a Bag of Holding (containing Magical Weapons and Equipment). Take some time to equip yourself thoroughly and then youíre ready to talk to the Gods that surround you and start the new adventure.

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