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Non-Player Characters

NPCs with their own interests and goals will join your adventuring party of up to six people, if you allow them to. There are sixteen such NPCs scattered around Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, of which six are women. Five of the NPCs will be returning from Baldur's Gate I. You will have complete control of their actions, although occassionally they may disagree and not listen. Be sure to find an effective mix of characters as some NPCs like and complement each other, while others will be antipathetic and try to verbally or physically spar. Your alignment and reputation are also important factors in determining whether your party will stay together happily. Although you can't talk directly to the NPCs once they are in your party, they will interject into conversations when they feel like it. The portraits are done by Mike Sass.

The NPC Sarevok is only available with the expansion Throne of Bhaal and is indicated with the following graphic:

For the portrait, biography and statistics of each NPC, click on their name in the following table.

Name Sex Class Race Alignment
Aerie F Cleric/Mage Elf Lawful Good
Anomen Delryn M Fighter/Cleric Human Lawful Neutral
Cernd M Avenger Druid Human True Neutral
Edwin Odesseiron M Conjurer Human Lawful Evil
Haer Dalis' M Bard Tiefling Chaotic Neutral
Imoen F Mage/Thief Human Neutral Good
Jaheira F Fighter/Druid Half-Elf True Neutral
Jan Jansen M Thief/Illusionist Gnome Chaotic Neutral
Keldorn Firecam M Inquistor Human Lawful Good
Korgan M Berserker Dwarf Chaotic Evil
Mazzy Fentan F Fighter Halfling Lawful Good
Minsc M Ranger Human Neutral Good
Nalia F Mage/Thief Human Neutral Good
Sarevok M Fighter Human Chaotic Evil
Valygar M Stalker Human Neutral Good
Viconia F Cleric Drow Elf Neutral Evil
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