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Cheats for Baldur's Gate II


First, edit the Baldur.ini file. Under Game Options add the following line:
Save the file and then launch the game.

Now, with the character you want to cheat with selected, hit the CTRL key and SPACEBAR key at the same time. It will pull up a little window on the bottom. Type your cheat code in there.
CLUAConsole:ExploreArea() - Full map
CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys() - Enable in-game key cheats
CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("[0-2950000]") - Set experience points for selected character or group
CLUAConsole:AddGold("[number]") - Set available gold
CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("[location number]") - Teleport to indicated location
CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("[monster name]") - Spawn monster
CLUAConsole:CreateItem("[item name]") - Spawn item
CLUAConsole:CreateItem("[item name]",[number]) - Spawn multiple item

Create Slayer Creature
type in the cheat console CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("slayer")and you will have created one of bhaal''s slayers.
Black Dragon dragblac
Blue Salamander icsalcol
Bone Golem icbone01
Demi Lich hldemi
Djinni gendji01
Drow Warrior uddrow27
Elder Orb Beholder beheld01
Gauth Beholder behgau01
Giant Troll trogi01
Greater Ghoul ghogr01
Greater Mummy mumgre01
Lich lich01
Mature Vampire vammat01
Mind Flayer mindfl01
Minotaur icmin01
Mist Horror mistho01
Ogre ogre01
Orog Warrior orc05
Red Dragon dragred
Silver Dragon dragsil
Skeleton Warrior skelwa01
Splitter Troll troluo01
Stone Golem golsto01
Wyvern wyvern01
drow Item codes
It took me a while to figure these out. If your on the surface, but still want Drow stuff these codes are for you.
("dwblun01") - Drow Flail +3
("dwbolt01") - Drow bolt of sleep
("dwbolt02") - Drow bolt of Stunning
("dwchan02") - Drow Admantine chain +5
("dwsw1h01") - Drow scimitar +3
("dwxbow01") - Drow crossbow of speed
("dwplat01") - Drow full plate +5
how to get alot of stuff
you can get the usual number of somthing when you enter a code or you can max your cheating effort by making a small change in your cheat code. For ex: type <CLUAConsole:CreateItem("amul01") and you get a necklace of missles with the normal amt of charges or you can beef it up a little wit this code change <CLUAConsole:CreateItem("amul01",9999) this works with everthing, charges for wands, or amt of scrolls, or arrows, or bullets or bolts, also potions and gems anything try it out but dont forget about your weight limit. Weight limit only applies to things without charges
In Game Cheats
[Ctrl] + R - Heal character
[Ctrl] + J - Move party to pointer location
[Shift] + [Ctrl] + 8 - [Shift] + [Ctrl] + 8
scrl9g - Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting scroll
scrl9p - Absolute Immunity scroll
arow04 - Acid Arrows
clck14 - Adventurer's Robe
scrl16 - Aganazzar's Scorcher scroll
sw1h34 - Albruin +1
amul19- Amulet of Magic Resistance 5%
amul16 - Amulet of Metaspell Influence
amul21 - Amulet of Power
amul14 - Amulet of Protection +1
amul25 - Amulet of Spell Warding
scrl2d - Animate Dead scroll
plat06 - Ankheg Plate Mail
sw1h27 - Arbane's Sword +2
blun20- Ardutia's Fall +1
leat18 - Armor of the Viper +5
scrl67 - Armor scroll
arow01 - Arrow
arow02 - Arrow +1
arow03 - Arrow of Slaying
arow11 - Arrows +2
arow05 - Arrows of Biting
arow07 - Arrows of Dispelling
arow08 - Arrows of Fire
arow09- Arrows of IceArrows of Ice
arow10 - Arrows of Piercing
dart05 - Asp's Nest
ax1h10 - Azure Edge
bag04 - Bag of Holding
sw1h01 - Bastard Sword
sw1h02 - Bastard Sword +1
sw1h03 - Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs. Shapeshifters
sw1h42 - Bastard Sword +2
ax1h01 - Battle Axe
ax1h02 - Battle Axe +1
ax1h03- Battle Axe +2
ax1h13 - Battle Axe +3: Frostreaver
ax1h12 - Battle Axe +3: Stonefire
sw1h30 - Belm +2
belt10 - Belt of Inertial Barrier
scrl9x - Black Blade of Disaster scroll
leat19 - Black Dragon Scale
misc3e - Black Spider Figurine
halb06 - Blackmist +4
sw1h40 - Blade of Roses +3
sw1h39 - Blade of Searing +2
scrl71 - Blindness scroll
scrl85 - Blur scroll
bolt01 - Bolt
bolt02 - Bolt +1
bull06 - Bolt +2
bolt04 - Bolt of Biting
bolt03 - Bolt of Lighting
bolt05 - Bolt of Polymorphing
dagg14 - Bone Blade +4
blun23 - Bone Club +2, +3 vs Undead
boot07 - Boots of Elvenkind
boot11- Boots of Etherealness
boot05 - Boots of Grounding
boot08 - Boots of Phasing
boot01 - Boots of Speed
boot02 - Boots of Stealth
boot04 - Boots of the Avoidance
boot03 - Boots of the North
brac04 - Bracers of Archery
brac11 - Bracers of Binding
brac16 - Bracers of Blinding Strike
brac15 - Bracers of Defense AC 3
brac14 - Bracers of Defense AC 4
brac13 - Bracers of Defense AC 5
brac03 - Bracers of Defense AC 6
brac02 - Bracers of Defense AC 7
brac01 - Bracers of Defense AC 8
scrl6u- Breach scroll
shld08 - Buckler
shld17 - Buckler +1
Location Numbers
AR0516 - Astral Prison
AR1512 - Asylum Dungeon
AR0801 - Bodhis Dungeon
AR0500 - Bridge District
AR0020 - City Gates
AR0836 - Cocorr's Lair
AR0202 - Cult of the Unseeing Eye
AR1300 - De'Arnise Hold
AR0414 - Demon Outerworld
AR0300 - Docks District
AR1201 - Domain of the Dragon
AR1900 - Druids Grove
AR1000 - Government District
AR0800 - Graveyard District
AR0411 - Planar Sphere
AR0204 - Rift Dungeon
AR0400 - Slums District
AR2500 - Suldanesslar
AR0900 - Temple District
AR2900 - The Nine Hells
AR2000 - Trademeet
AR1100 - Umar Hills
AR0700 - Waukeen's Promenade
Max Stats
On the character creation screen, when creating your character stats (ie Str, Dex, Con, etc) click CTRL+8 to get all your stats to 18 (even those that can reach a max of 17 because of Racial adjustment)

(You need the debug mode set to 1 to have this cheat work)
Ring Codes
After adding the line to the ini file Debug Mode=1
you enter in game by hitting ctrl+spacebar and then type

CLUAConsole:CreateItem("[item name]") - Spawn Item

ring01 - Basic Ring
ring02 - Fire Resist 40%
ring03 - Animal Friendship
ring04 - Clumsiness
ring05 - Invisability 1/per day
ring06 - Protection +1
ring07 - Protection +2
ring08 - Wizardry +1 5th, 6th, 7th Lev Spell
ring09 - Free Action
ring10 - Gold Ring
ring11 - Silver Ring
ring12 - Onyx Ring
ring13 - Jade Ring
ring14 - Greenstone Ring
ring15 - Bloodstone Ring
ring16 - Angel Skin Ring
ring17 - Flamedance Ring
ring18 - Fire Opal
ring19 - Ruby Ring
ring20 - Ring of Energy
ring21 - Infravision
ring22 - Holiness
ring23 - Folly
ring24 - Does Not Exist
ring25 - Koveras Ring of Protection +1
ring26 - Djinni Summon
ring27 - Fire Control
ring28 - Air Control
ring29 - Earth Control
ring30 - Human Influence
ring31 - Regeneration
ring32 - Basic Ring(Again)
ring33 - Ring of Ram
ring34 - Spell Turning
ring35 - Lockpick +25%
ring36 - Danger Sense +25% detect traps
ring37 - Storm Ring
ring38 - Dawn Ring
ring39 - Ring of Gaxx
+2 AC, +2 sav, Imune Disease/Poison,
Regen 1hp/3sec, Invis 1per/day,
And Improved Haste 1per/day
(A Real Must Have)
ring40 - Acuity 2

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