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A character class is like a profession or career. This is what your character has worked at and trained to become. Your character is thought to have some previous knowledge to begin their adventuring career. The classes are divided into four general groups: warrior, wizard, priest, and rogue. Warriors are well trained in the use of weapons and skilled in fighting with the three classes being fighter, paladin and ranger. The wizard strives to be a master of magical energies, devoting much of their time to magical research and relying on knowledge and wit to survive. Some mages may choose to specialize in one of the eight schools of magic. The priest sees to the spiritual needs of a community, being either clerics or nature-oriented druids. Many rogues are motivated by a desire to amass large fortunes although some have noble causes and use their skills to correct injustice. The thief is a skilled pilferer, while the bard uses their charming personality and wits to ease their way through the world.


Be a crusader as a cleric or a druid, or a fighting machine like a monk.

Sneak your way around as a thief, or charm your way through life as a bard.

Do it the old fashioned way by beating on your opponents as the weapons-master fighter, woodsman ranger, holy paladin or savage barbarian.

Specialists in arcane schools of magic, play as a well-rounded mage, or sorceror or become a specialist in a particular field of magic.
Multiclasses and Dual Classes

Characters comprised of more than one class, or who change classes over time.

Tables covering skills, experience points for level gain, experience point cap and spell progression.

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