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Warriors - Fighter, Rangers and Paladins

Warriors earn their keep by skill in armed combat and are divided into three subclasses: fighter, ranger and paladin. They can wear any armour and use any weapon. For each level up to 9th, they earn 1-10 hit points (1d10) and then accumulate 3 hit points per level. They also receive greater bonus hit points for high constitution (17+) than the other classes. Only warriors may possess exceptional strength, denoted by a score of 18 followed by a percentile score such as 18/56 or 18/00 (the highest, 100%). Warriors begin with four weapon proficiency slots. As they rise in levels, warriors gain additional attacks per round. Because they concentrate on combat, these men-at-arms are restricted in the variety of magical items they can employ. The experience point progression of warriors is summarized here.


Fighters are masters of weapons. They are the only class that can achieve the highest levels of weapon specialization: Mastery, High Mastery and Grandmastery. Fighters also have a few other special abilities. The prime requisite for fighters is strength. The only requirement for becoming a fighter is a strength of at least 9.


Rangers are skilled woodsmen and hunters. Although able to use any armor, they must wear studded leather or lighter armor when trying to moving silently in the shadows and underbrush. In Icewind Dale, this skill is called Stealth and can be used in any setting, including cities. Because of their empathy with animals, ranger's can cast Charm Animal as a special ability (number of times per day depends on ranger's level). rangers can become Specialized in specific weapons. From 8th to 16th level, rangers gain the ability to cast some priest spells. These woodsman have a hated enemy which can be cadaverous undead, giants, goblins, lizard men, orcs, salamanders, skeletal undead, spectral undead, spiders or trolls. The ranger gains a +4 bonus to hit these creatures in combat but suffers a -4 penalty to encounter reaction rolls due to this hatred. Rangers also have a number of other special abilities. Rangers must be of good alignment and have ability scores of at least 13 in strength and dexterity and at least 14 in wisdom and constitution. The prime requisites for rangers are strength, dexterity and wisdom. Should ranger's perform evil acts, they will become fighters known as fallen rangers that have lost all their special abilities. Skills from AD&D that are not implimented in Icewind Dale: Two-weapon fighting and damage bonuses against giant creatures.


Paladins are noble, holy warriors. Paladins can become Specialized in specific weapons. They can Detect Evil and are surrounded by a Protection from Evil aura (the number of times per day for each special ability depends on the character's level). Their hardiness gives them +2 bonuses to saving throws against poison and spells. Once per day, paladins can lay hands on an individual, curing 2 hit points per level of the paladin. They can also Turn Undead as a cleric two levels below their level as a paladin. Paladins are immune to disease and can Cure Disease once per day. At 9th level, paladins gain the ability to cast clerical spells and other special abilities. Paladins must be humans of Lawful Good alignment and have ability scores of at least 9 in constitution, 12 in strength, 13 in wisdom, and 17 in charisma. The prime requisites for paladins are strength and charisma. Should the paladin perform evil deeds, they will lose their status and become fighters known as fallen paladins. Skills from AD&D that are not implimented in Icewind Dale: possession of a faithful war horse, and the necessity of giving away wealth and most possessions. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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