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Warrior Specialization and Number of Attacks

Unlike other classes, warriors are able to specialize in weapons, imparting greater bonuses. They also receive additional attacks as their levels increase.

Weapon Specialization

Warriors are able to achieve advanced training in the use of a weapon, called weapon specialization. There are five levels of specialization: Proficient, Specialized, Mastery, High Mastery and Grand Mastery. All classes can become Profiencient while paladins, rangers and multiclassed fighters can achieve Specialized. Only single or dual classed fighters can achieve all five levels and it is possible to become a Master in more than one weapon. At first level, the maximum number of slots that can be put into one weapon is two limiting the warrior to Specialized. This means that a fighter must be at least 9th level before having sufficient slots to become a Grand Master. Specialization imparts additional bonuses when the warrior attacks with that weapon as outlined in the table below. The extra attacks are only for melee weapons and are in addition to those already mentioned because of the warriors' level.

Level # Slots To Hit Damage # Attacks
Proficient 1 0 0 1
Specialized 2 +1 +2 3/2
Mastery 3 +3 +3 3/2
High Mastery 4 +3 +5 3/2
Grand Mastery 5 +3 +5 2

Warrior Attacks per Round

As Warriors advance in levels, they can attack multiple times in a single round as indicated in the table below. For 3/2 attacks, they alternate one attack the first round, followed by two attacks the second round.

Warrior Level Attacks/Round
1-6 1
7-12 3/2
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