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Weapon Proficiencies

Character begin the game with different numbers of weapon proficiency slots and suffer penalties if they do not know how to use a weapon. Weapon proficiencies are learned for groups of weapons and each class is allowed certain weapons.

Proficiency Slots

The number of weapons that can be learned depends on the number of available proficiency slots a character possesses. Each class begins with a certain number of slots as shown in the table below and gains additional slots at different rates (eg. once every 3 levels for warriors). All classes can become Proficient with a weapon which negates the penalty listed in the third column for using a weapon for which the character has no proficiency. In Icewind Dale, additional training in each weapon is possible for warriors as described under Weapon Specialization. Proficiency slots must be dedicated to the same weapon for this specialization and only two slots can be assigned to any weapon when the character is created. Multiclassed characters use the most beneficial category.

Weapon Profiencies
Group Initial # Levels Penalty
Warrior 4 3 -2
Wizard 1 6 -5
Priest 2 4 -3
Rogue 2 4 -3

Weapon Proficiencies

Unlike AD&D, the weapon proficiencies are learned as groups of weapons instead of single weapons. The table below lists which weapons belong to which group. Although characters may be proficient in a group, they may not be able to use all the weapons of the group as limited by their class.

Proficiency Weapons
Axes Axe, Two-Handed Axe, Throwing Axe
Bows Long Bow, Short Bow, Composite Long Bow
Clubs Club
Crossbows Light Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow
Daggers Dagger, Throwing Dagger
Flails Flail
Great Swords Bastard Sword, Two-handed Sword
Halberds Halberd
Hammers Hammer, Two-Handed Hammer
Large Swords Broad Sword, Long Sword, Scimitar
Maces Mace, Morning Star
Missile Weapons Dart, Sling
Short Swords Short Sword
Spears Spear
Staves Staff

Allowable Weapons

This table lists the weapons that are useable by each class.

Class Weapons
Fighter All
Ranger All
Paladin All
Cleric Club, Mace, Sling, Staff, Warhammer
Druid Club, Dart, Scimitar, Spear, Staff, Sling, Throwing Dagger
Mage Dagger, Dart, Sling, Staff, Throwing Dagger
Thief Club, Dagger, Dart, Long Sword, Short Bow, Short Sword, Staff
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