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There are many types of armor you can find or purchase throughout Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II. All of the armor you find is random, and not all characters can equip all types of armor right from the start. In addition, the Monk has the advantage of using enchanted gloves as weaponry as well. Magical properties on randomly found armor is rare and often requires the player to create the enchanted piece of equipment him/herself. Bartley the Merchant also sells a limited amount of magical armor in Baldur's Gate. Refer to the Item Creation section for further details on upgrading armor.

Below is a list of all the armor pieces, their armor class, the required Armor Proficiency, and whether or not there is a purchasable magical version in the game.

Armor Armor Class Armor Proficiency Magical Purchasable
Cloth Bracers 0 None
Cloth Boots 0 None
Padded Armor 6 Light
Padded Helmet 1 Light
Padded Gloves 1 Light
Padded Boots 1 Light
Leather Armor 9 Light +2 Fine Leather Armor
Leather Helmet 2 Light
Leather Gloves 2 Light
Leather Boots 2 Light +1 Fine Leather Boots of Speed
Studded Leather Armor 12 Light +2 Fine Studded Leather Armor
Studded Leather Helmet 3 Light
Studded Leather Gloves 3 Light +1 Fine Flaming Studded Gloves
Studded Leather Boots 3 Light
Scale Mail 15 Medium +1 Fine Scale Mail
+2 Fine Fey Scale Mail
Scale Helmet 4 Medium
Scale Gloves 4 Medium +4 Imperial Assassin's Scale Gloves
Scale Boots 4 Medium
Chain Mail 18 Medium
Chain Helmet 5 Medium
Chain Gloves 5 Medium
Chain Boots 5 Medium
Half Platemail 21 Heavy +1 Grand Half Platemail
Half Plate Helmet 6 Heavy +1 Remarkable Half Plate Helmet
Half Plate Gloves 6 Heavy
Half Plate Boots 6 Heavy
Full Platemail 24 Heavy +2 Superior Full Platemail
Full Plate Helmet 7 Heavy
Full Plate Gloves 7 Heavy
Full Plate Boots 7 Heavy
Wooden Shield 2 Mediim
Iron Shield 4 Medium +1 Remarkable Iron Shield


All of the armor listed above have different grades to them. Below is a simple list of these grades. For more complete details, please see the Grades section of our Item Creation area.
  • Shoddy
  • Normal
  • Fine
  • Remarkable
  • Superior
  • Grand
  • Imperial
  • Flawless

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