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Adventuring in the world of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II is dangerous. The wise adventurer knows his character's traits and abilities well, for such knowledge goes a long way towards making the right decisions and staying alive. This section contains all the information you could need on the various playable characters, abilities, feats, and level progression.

Human Barbarian

Dorn is a massive, carousing, thrill-seeking barbarian from one of the many tribes that roam the plains of the Western Heartlands. He adventures for the glory and sheer thrill of it.
Human Cleric

Allessia is a cleric of Helm, the Watcher, the Vigilant One, deity of guardians and protectors. She adventures for the cause of Good, in support of the church of Helm, and in defense of the Innocent, who she feels is her divine duty to protect.
Dark Elf Monk

Vhaidra fled Menzoberranzan when her family fell under attack by a coalition of other noble houses. Driven by a cruel mixture of rigid honor and seething hatred, Vhaidra now adventures to hone her already deadly martial skills.
Moon Elf Necromancer

The brooding, mysterious Ysuran has few memories to speak of... stumbling into the Graycloak Hills and being wordlessly turned away by his moon elf kin there... carrying a black tome, presumably his, from which he learned his name and trade: necromancer, a wizard specializing in the dark art of death magic.
Dwarf Rogue

Borador is a treasure-hunter, a particularly tough breed of rogue who adventures for the singular purpose of looting otherwise unclaimed wealth from ruins, monster lairs, and other extremely dangerous places.
Drow Ranger

The infamous Drizzt Do'Urden, who left his home in Menzoberranzan to live among the surface dwellers. Drizzt is a bonus character you can play after you finish the game once at any difficulty level.
Human Assassin

Drizzt's archnemesis Artemis Entreri, the deadliest assassin in Faerun. Artemis is a bonus character you can play after your finish the game once on the Extreme difficulty level.

A strong arm, quick mind, lightning fast reflexes and stamina are all required to keep your character alive, so you should become intimately familiar with your character's abilities.

A list of the active and passive feats or "special abilities/spells" your character gains as they move up in levels.
Level Progression

A table that provides level progression, skill points progression and ability point progression bonus information for the characters.

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