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Unlock Drizzt Do'Urden
Beat the game on any difficulty. When you start a new game, scroll the list down to Allessia Faithhammer, then push down for Drizzt.

Unlock Artemis Enteri
Beat the game on Extreme Difficulty. When you start a new game, scroll the list down to Allessia Faithhammer, push down for Drizzt and down again for Artemis.


Dupe Gold and Items
Have 2 players going at the same time, and go into town. One character drops whatever they want to duplicate. Import the character that just dropped their stuff - they will have all the things that they just dropped, plus the ones on the ground. Pick up the stuff, sell the duplicates, then save and repeat as necessary.


Level Up
From within the game:
PS2: Press and hold L1 + R1 + Triangle + Square + Circle + X. While still holding them, press L2.
Xbox: Press and hold Left trigger + Right trigger + Y + A + B + X. While still holding them, press the White button.

This cheat will set your character to level 10, grant 45 feat points, and 500,000 gold pieces. It can only be used once per session, and if your character is already level 11 or higher, it will be lowered back to level 10 (This cheat does not completely work on Drizzt or Artemis - you will receive the gold, but the level and feat points will not change.)

Invulnerability and Level Warp
PS2: Hold down L1 + R1 + Triangle + Square + Circle + X. While holding them, press START.
Xbox: Hold down Left trigger + Right trigger + Y + A + B + X. While still holding them, press the Start button.

This opens a cheat menu that allows you to toggle Invulnerability and warp to different levels.

Map List

Below is the list you can warp to using the cheat. The maps are listed in the order they appear in the game when you pull up the cheat. Each shows what Act the map should be first played in and which map it actually goes to. (Note: P in the Act # column represents the Prologue.)

Map Name Act # Area Map In Game
caravan P The Trade Way
trollb P Trollbark Forest
goblair P Red Fang Goblin Lair
batcave P Bat Cave
gobtres P Bile-Tooth's Treasury
spidlair P Spider Breeding Pit
village P Wayfork Village
inn P Wayfork Village Inn
bgate I Baldur's Gate
bgate2 I Act I Beginning Conversation
bgate3 IV Act IV Endgame Conversation
bgchurch I-IV Church of Helm
bginn I-IV Purple Wyrm Inn
bgmanor I-IV Omduil's Manor
whouse I Warehouse
guild1 I Hands of Glory Guildhall
guild2 I Argesh's Lair
blood1 I Bloodmire Manor I
cellar I Bloodmire Cellar
blood2 I Bloodmire Manor II
attic I Bloodmire Attic
lab1 I Luvia's Laboratory I
lab2 I Luvia's Laboratory II
cliffs I Cloakwood Lower Cliffs
ogrecave I Cloakwood Cave
cliffs2 I Cloakwood Upper Cliffs
redcamp I Red Fang Camp
redbase I Red Fang Base
redlair I Red Queen's Lair
redpass I Red Fang Secret Passage
fwcellar I Firewind Cellar
fwdung I Firewind Dungeons
fwcat I Firewind Catacombs
fwmanor1 I Firewind Manor I
fwmanor2 I Firewind Manor II
sewers I Sewers
teeth I Wood of Sharp Teeth
whouse2 II Warehouse
fwyrms II Forest of Wyrms Ambush
lyran1 II Lyran's Hold I
lyran2 II Lyran's Hold II
lyranc II Lyran's Cellar
lyranf II Lyran's Ossuary
lyrano II Lyran's Observatory
hmoor II High Moor Ambush
bruins II Brigand's Ruins
bhall II Brigand's Halls
hham1 II Halls of the Hammer I
hham2 II Halls of the Hammer II
hhamb II Halls of the Hammer III
tclaws II Trollclaws Ambush
zattack II Zhentarim Attack
dcastle II Dragonspear Castle
ddung1 II Dragonspear Dungeons I
ddung2 II Dragonspear Dungeons II
dcaverns II Dragonspear Caverns
dlair II Ulchalothe's Lair
scave II Sea-Cave
stemp1 II Sea Temple I
stemp2 II Sea Temple II
hedge II Hill's Edge
sgorge II Skull Gorge
sgcave1 II Goblin Cave I
sgcave2 II Goblin Cave II
sgcave3 II Waterfall Cave
sgcave4 II Gnoll Cave I
sgcave5 II Gnoll Cave II
teeth2 II Wood of Sharp Teeth II
air1 III Air I
air2 III Air II
earth1 III Earth I
earth2 III Earth II
fire1 III Fire I
fire2 III Fire II
water1 III Water I
water2 III Water II
mausoleu III Unholy Mausoleum
ghold III Gandam's Hold
gmine III Gandam's Mine
ahome III Allana's Home
rwoods III Reaching Woods
blair III Baragoth's Lair
monaster III Dark Monastery
zctower III Zarad's Clock Tower
zbtower III Zarad's Bell Tower
zstudy III Zarad's Study
sgorge2 III Skull Gorge II
sgcave21 III Orc Cave
sgcave22 III Orc Lair
sgcave23 III Waterfall Cave II
sgcave24 III Malodorous Cave
sgcave25 III Troll Cave
teeth3 III Wood of Sharp Teeth III
battleb IV Battle of Bones I
battleb2 IV Battle of Bones II
kpn1 IV Keep of Pale Night I
kpn2 IV Keep of Pale Night II
kpn3 IV Keep of Pale Night III
kpnd IV Keep Dungeons
kpns I-IV Cut-Scene Keep of Pale Night
mgate IV Mordoc's Gate I
mgate2 IV Mordoc's Gate II
onyx1 IV Onyx Tower I
onyx2 IV Onyx Tower II
onyx3 IV Onyx Tower III
onyxtop IV Onyx Tower Top
shadow IV Plane of Shadow

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