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Caged between the jagged peaks of the Spine of the World and the frigid waters of the Sea of Moving Ice, Icewind Dale is a huddled collection of ten small towns, each attempting to carve out a life in the icy wastes. The Dale has a reputation as a place of hiding and refuge for thieves, brigands, explorers, or pioneers seeking a better way of life far from the comfortable lands to the south, and it has drawn its share of nomads, tundra barbarians, rangers, craftsman, fishermen, and merchants willing to brave its harsh climate. But the Dale is not a forgiving place... countless dangerous and malign creatures prowl the icy wastes, seeking nothing better than to prey upon any trespassers to their lands.

A generation after the events in Icewind Dale, a grave new threat has arisen in the North; a threat that seeks to cut off the Ten-Towns from the rest of Faerūn in a bitter power struggle. A vicious horde of goblins, orcs, and bugbears have gathered beneath the mysterious banner of the Chimera and are attacking the port town of Targos. The town of Bremen has fallen, goblin raiders ride the plains, and a stream of refugees are fleeing southwards to Bryn Shander and beyond. Fearing that they will be overrun, Targos has sent out a call for all able-bodied adventurers, soldiers, and mercenaries to sail north to stand with the town's defenders against the encroaching horde, and it's up to the players' small band of adventurers to save Targos from destruction.

The story begins with your party of adventurers being dropped off at the docks of Targos, one of the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale. Your group enlisted in a call for mercenaries in Luskan, a town just south of the Spine of the World, near Neverwinter. It becomes obvious upon landing that things are not well; orcs and goblins, led by bugbears, are attempting to crush all travel on the Shaengarne River to a halt. In the aftermath of the attacks on the Ten Towns, the mayor of Targos, Ulbrec Dinnsmore, hires your group to explore the situation to prevent further damage from being done. Yet nothing is as it appears and as the shadow of the horde falls on Targos, the players find themselves drawn into an escalating conflict that plunges the region of Icewind Dale once again, into war. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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