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Backstab & Sneak Attack

Thieves' do extra damage on a backstab based on their level as listed in the table. This multiplier is only applied to the first attack on a humanoid creature after coming out of hiding. In AD&D, the multiplier is applied after adding strength bonuses but before adding magical weapon bonuses. In Icewind Dale, the multiplication will be done before adding the strength bonus due to the easy availablity of Potions of Giant Strength which were making thieves' backstabbing too powerful.

Thief Level Damage Multiplier
1-4 x2
5-8 x3
9-12 x4
13+ x5

Sneak Attack and Crippling Strike were introduced with Heart of Winter:

Sneak Attack: This is an optional ability that you can replace backstab with. This option can be enabled in your config program. When a thief uses Sneak Attack and attacks an enemy from the rear or flank, they can do additional damage but one time only. This additional damage is +1d6 every four levels. At level thirty this would be 8d6. Critical hits do not double damage. The thief does not need to be hidden or moving silently to use Sneak Attack.

Crippling Strike: In addition to Sneak Attack, at level five the thief learns the ability of Crippling Strike. When a Sneak Attack is successful, the thief cripples the enemy reducing their hit and damage rolls. This effect is in addition to the Sneak Attack damage. The enemies regain normal hit and damage rolls one turn after the successful Crippling Strike. At level five this causes the enemy to have -1 to hit and damage rolls. Every four levels after, the thief gains minus one to this ability. At level thirty, an enemy hit with Crippling Strike would have -7 to hit and damage rolls. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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