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Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn will transport adventurers to the mysterious nations of Amn and the Underdark. The far northern lands are the playground in Icewind Dale. The Hall of Wonders will showcase the artists' and designers' vision of these lands through a regular series of screenshots and concept art.

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn Wing
Featured Date
Temple of Mystra, Vampires, Imp and Lich February 1, 2000
Toothy Entrance, Swampy Battle and Victorian House February 15, 2000
Interview with James Ohlen, and his Asylum March 2, 2000
Ice Storm, Fireball, and Trolls March 16, 2000
Byzantine Mosaics, Umber Hulk and Golems April 4, 2000
Courtyard and Docks April 21, 2000
Inventory Screen, Shipboard Battle and Spell Effects May 16, 2000
Excessive Spell Use June 16, 2000
Hell and Githyanki Vessel July 20, 2000
Throne of Bhaal Action April 27, 2001
Icewind Dale Wing
Featured Date
Kuldahar: A Concept Takes Shape February 22, 2000
Spells Effects, Elven Ruins, and Elven Female Mage March 8, 2000
Verbeeg, Dwarven Stronghold and Elven Wizard April 10, 2000

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